Str majin buu; Topic Archived; More topics from this board... Majin Power team: TheScarecrowBB: 3: 11/19 5:21AM: PSA: When using Exchange Buu and Buutenks for Majin Power, lead Exchange Buu: MrDeathPenalty: 9: 11/7 4:33PM: Farming the two new EZAs made me realise two things: Ryuuma93: 9: 11/26 3:37PM: what was so bad about teq ssj3 broly's..... CloudThunder: 25: 11/26 3:23PM: JP … Dragon Ball Legends is Copyright BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. All images and names owned and trademarked by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. are property of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. 40. World Tournament - Majin Buu Saga - Earthlings - Saviors. Buu's personal Healing is a great boon in drawn out bouts. Why does the game keep telling me "trade failed due to the limit reached? (Full Potential System, and full lvl!) Zenkai 1 Good Buu GRN can prevent Enemies from switching for 5 Timer Counts the first three times he enters the battlefield, letting him function as an assassin and a time-waster. happy 2019 everyone. Applies the following effects to all enemies when this character enters the battlefield: Inflicted with "No Switching" for 5 timer counts (activates three times). Majin Buu also achieved a new form when he finally began to train for the first time in the series, slimming down considerably and gaining a power boost not long after fighting Basil. +28% to "Tag: Regeneration" base Strike & Blast Defense during battle. On your hard hitting units, would you drop a lvl 4 ATK skill orb for. Majin-Buu Saga No-item by 90% STR SSJ2 Goku led. 1485. END: 55/65. Finally beat Majin Buu Saga SBR with no LR Vegito! Due to his size, Majin Buu lacks the Speed necessary to be an incredible fighter. When Piccolo be… Inflicted with Attribute Downgrade "+25% to Damage Received" for 15 timer counts. Zenkai 1 Majin Buu: Good GRN is a horrifying take on the power of Dragon Ball's most unassuming villain. Zenkai 1 Majin Buu GRN is an absolute terror on this Tag Team, and thanks to its roster of Supporters, Buu is truly given a chance to shine. Moves and Skills … He not only Heals himself when changing Cover, but he also when he tanks an enemy's combo, restoring up to 30% of his lost Health. Like Buu and Cell before the STR version can be Dokkan Awakened, along with a new AGL version. But ui goku is only 2 *… ive…, His recent Zenkai Awakening makes him as durable as ever, but Regeneration is still at the mercy of, SP Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku (Blue), How Equips Really Work In Dragon Ball Legends, Combat Formulas and Rising Rush Damage Guide, SP Ultimate Gohan Absorbed Buu: Super (Green), SP Android #21: Evil (Purple) Transformed, Help me build a team for pvp in the new meta. CLICK HERE. Transform Skill Type: PassiveSkill: Absorb Piccolo when HP is 49% or below starting from the 5th turn from the start of battle . What is the in deck glitch and what should i do? Chain Battle or the no item punch machine? Kid Buu dodges this attack and tries to roundhouse kick Kirby, but Kirby blocks this and launches an uppercut. This Equip provides Buu with a Pure Strike Buff which works well with the Strike Buff Effect from his second Unique Ability. STR Super Buu, Kid Buu's EZA, and the Kai Story Event are now in the Global database. Crit it is . Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: 100% POTENTIAL SYSTEM STR MAJIN VEGETA EZA SHOWCASE! Inflicts all enemies with "No Switching" for 5 timer counts when this character enters the battlefield (activates twice). It's difficult to find an area Zenkai 1 Majin Buu GRN struggles with, but if one must exist, it is his limited selection of strong Equipment. Editor’s Notes: After getting our very first look back in January, the Majin Buu-themed adidas Kamanda sneaker is now available to cop. Today we’re taking a stab at the Majin Buu Saga category, which Akatsuki has really been milking this year for content and characters. He’s also extremely dangerous for his magical power to transform people, usually into candy: chocolates, liquorice, lollipops… Str Ult Gohan; Int Kid Buu; SSJ3 Angel Goku; Str Broly; Teq Beerus; AGL Metal Cooler; SSj3 Broly; Str Buu; Phys Vegeta; Teq Beerus; Int Janemba; Str O Shenron; Dokkan battle accounts; FREE. Restores ally health by 20% and cancels allies' Attribute Downgrades. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. He has regenerated even when vaporized. Archived. Ryzen 2700X 3.7Ghz / MSI RTX 2070 ARMOR OC / GIGABYTE X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING / 32GB RAM / 240GB SSD + 2TB+3TB+4TB HDD / EVGA supernova 750W bronze, That's a good point thanks for that. His Main Ability's Healing utility makes an already tanky Tag into a veritable fortress, especially when its key members are at high Limit Break levels. Fortunately, for you this means plenty of powerful units from summon banners as well as free-to-play (F2P) ones. share. Super Battle Road. image750×1334 666 KB Additionally, units are not just ranked … While not being exactly farmable, SR Transforming Power - Majin Buu (South Supreme Kai) can be dokkan awakened with 21 medals from Buu (Kid)'s event into Sluggish Battle Form - Buu (Kid) and be used to raise Transcendent Majin - Buu (Kid)'s Super Attack. LEADER: SSJ Vegito (PHY) MEMBERS: LR Goten And Trunks (AGL) LR Majin Vegeta (AGL) Ultimate Gohan (STR) SSJ3 Gotenks (PHY) SSJ3 Angel Goku (TEQ) How the team should look / link! …, Hey guys. Reduces next damage sustained by 15%. POW: 40/38. Posted by 1 year ago. I want to present the idea of making a whatsapp group for db legends…, So… Last Rising Battle was 100+ battles long and gave like 10 Z power for each stage,…, Ive had many pulls, jiren at 6*, toppo 3*, dyspo at 6* Recovers 10% of damage received after enemy attack is over. Setting up locked switches for his Allies is fantastic utility that lets him shred through problem Fighters mercurially. Character Summary; Silent Executioner Majin Buu (Pure Evil) [Max Cost/HP/ATK/DEF] 40/8211/8703/4738 [L], and Type Ki +3, HP & ATK +30% [S] Causes supreme damage to enemy, raises ATK for 3 turns [P] ATK +18000 when HP is 99% or below Majin - Brutal Beatdown - Kamehameha - Infinite Regeneration - Nightmare - The Wall Standing Tall - Shattering the Limit: Majin Buu … History Talk (0) Comments Share. SSR Evil Majin's Emergence - Buu (Super) STR. PASSIVE: Absolute strength - usually attack a 50% reduce & ultra overwhelming every time you receive a … This is excellent on a pure Tank like SP Good Buu GRN and since he works well with Yellow Fighters who can cover for his Purple weakness, the third slot is even more valuable. Like many of the characters found in Dragon Ball FighterZ, Majin Buu is unlocked by default at the beginning of the game. GLB Official. His lock-in can potentially be game-changing, especially with the constant cover changing now due to the battle changes. SP Perfect Cell YEL and SP Android #21: Evil PUR each complement the majin in their own ways, with Cell taking care of problem Purples that infest the PvP landscape and #21 acting as an excellent user of Buu's Support and Switch-Locking. Buu especially lacks Equips that benefit him Offensively, which limits how much he can make his Strike Damage shine. This applies until enemy combo is finished. (Heals up to 10% of own health.). SP Super Baby 2 BLU is the ultimate Majin's greatest Ally, mainly thanks to his Health Recovery and Health Recovery potency Buff. Super Buu is formed when Evil Buu eats Majin Buu, who is turned into chocolate by his own Transfiguration Beam and transforms (the transformation is mostly hidden behind pink smoke). Awakened UR Shocking Absorption Ability - Buu (Super) Extreme STR. This thread is archived. His HP is also excellent and, unlike Broly or PHY Pure Buu he has the defense to take some hits if necessary. The "usefulness" of a unit may vary from player to player based on their collection of units. I would definitely use: Phy Super Vegito Int Hercule (dodges and tanks) Phy LR Saiyaman (seal enemy super - don't use 18ki attack, just use 12ki attack) These are good units: Teq Candytenks(dodges and stuns) Agl or Phy Kid Buu (Maybe) (with EZA) Agl SS3 Goku (maybe) Phy … His recent Zenkai Awakening makes him as durable as ever, but Regeneration is still at the mercy of SP SSJ3 Goku PUR and SP SSJ2 Gohan RED. The Regeneration welcomes the return of one of their best options back in the Team's glory days. Buu (Kid) (Babidi) 2902. His cute and puffy body belies his Offensive and Defensive dominance on Regeneration Tag Teams. GLB Official. This Equip boosts the two Offensive Stats Buu cares about and gives a significant Ki Recovery Buff as well. Kid Buu is seen doing his stretchy body-shaking dance move as he laughs in what he thinks is victory, but Fighter Kirby then surprise kicks Buu in the face, throws him, and then launches what is similar to a Hadouken from Street Fighter. ". After filling Babidi's Power Gauge with 250 Power, he can be released from the Sealed Buu Egg. Extreme STR Non-Negotiable Resolve Majin Vegeta [EZA] Leader Skill: "Vegeta's Family" Category Ki +3 and HP, ATK ... Units are ranked from a general standpoint. 97% Upvoted. +19% to "Tag: Regeneration" base Blast Defense during battle. Thanks not only to his recovery post-combo, but also his 15% Cover Change Heal, Buu establishes himself as one of the hardest Fighters in the game to leave dents in. Hell's finest, SP Super Janemba RED, is easily the best Red partner for Buu, and he's especially formidable in Sagas from the Movies match-ups. Next Awakening Cost. Date : 2018-09-15 ; By : Panha ; Burst of Fighting Spirit Piccolo: Max LvL 120, Rarity UR, Type Super INT, Cost 38, Leader Skill: HP +8-%, Super Attack: Hellzone Grenade causes supreme damage to enemy, Passive Skill: Reliable Intellect . This pair can outlast the heat death of the universe. Majin Buu; STR; Super STR Type; Super STR; Super STR type; All Types Leader; Lowers Enemy ATK; Shadow Dragon Saga; Super Type; Super Class; Resurrected Warriors; Powers Combined Majuub (EZA) Edit. 150 comments. To Strike Attack per "Tag: Regeneration" battle member. The deadly Majin even boasts Support Capabilities with his Main Ability - his overall kit is a veritable toolbox of utility, putting him at the forefront of what is arguably the strongest Team in the game. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. History Talk (0) Comments Share. - 1x LR PHY Majin Buu - 1x LR TEQ Vegito - 1x LR STR Gogeta - Many Free to Play LRs SA 20 at 97% *(Not rainbowed to accommodate for different play styles)-5365 Dragon Stones (Stones cannot be transferred to iOS devices) - 365 Red Coins - Rank 510 - Story Mode Completed - Most EZA Events Farmed - Many Dokkan Fest Exclusive Cards - 140+ Elder Kai Cards - 375+ Grand Kai Cards … He brutally kills Smitty by oozing into him through his mouth as part of his Dangerous Liquid Bomb and expanding until Smitty bursts, though the influence of the fat Majin Buu prevents him from killing Mr. Satan and Bee.His intelligence in this form (before absorbing Piccolo) is quite bizarre. ATK & DEF +120%; … At Zenkai Level 7, he Heals for a tremendous amount from his Main Ability and Soft Body Unique Ability, and is generally incredibly hard to take down. No AGL, so Str units would be safer than most int units. Close. Majin Buu Saga Category benifit of this category on Gohan Extreme Z-Battle (Now only available on Japan Sever). Remarkable Difference . Boo is a force of nature, almost pure entropy. x1 Transform. PHY super vegito, try to eza the str evil buu,LR vegito,int hercule,STR goten and LR gohan and goten. This category consists character from the Majin Buu Saga. He has access to few high percentage Equips, leaving his impressive Zenkai Stats wanting. Majin Buu HP: 14640/45000. Example: Vegito, LR Vegeta. Majin Buu is a hero in DBZ Tribute only able to be used when playing as Babidi. His physical power is impressive, but his main trait is his unkillability. The gluttonous demon's Main Ability also serves as a Team-wide +30% Damage Inflicted Buff in addition to a +25% Heal, allowing him to shred through his foes and enable his comrades to do the same. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: EXTREME STR TRANSFORMATION BOOST & CONQUEST OF TERROR ONLY VS LEGENDARY GOKU EVENT IN 8 MIN & 8 TURNS [Legendary Goku Event] [Fighting Legend: Goku] [熱闘悟空伝] Hidden potential of units (All level 10 links) STR Cooler 79% LR Frieza 1st form [EZA] 100% LR Turles Army 55% LR Full Power Frieza 69% STR Sealas 100% STR Buu … Any Majin Buu Saga Hercule character. Awakened UR Evil Majin's Emergence - Buu (Super) Extreme STR. +26% to "Tag: Regeneration" base Strike & Blast Defense during battle. +22% to "Tag: Regeneration" base Blast Defense during battle. Majin Buu usually has a severed body part liquefy, or he has a piece of skin fall off of his body. Deals major Explode damage. 200. Battle Form Evolution - ATK & DEF +80%; Transform into a specific form when conditions are met: Majin - ATK & DEF +10% Brutal Beatdown - ATK +10% Metamorphosis - Recover 5% HP Infinite Regeneration - Recover 3% HP Fear and Faith - Ki +2 The Wall Standing Tall - Foils enemy's "True Power" and boosts ATK by 15% Fierce Battle - ATK +15% Said AGL version boasts the new second highest Attack, trumping “LR” TEQ Perfect Cell by over 200 points. Majin Buu Cards; Rank A STR; Supreme damage; Extreme STR; Evil Incarnate Majin Buu (Pure Evil) English. Impacts capable of demolishing mountains deform his aspect for seconds until his bubble-gum like body adapts to them and return him back to normal. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This dokkan account contains 9 LR - id : GR7: 2x LR SSJ4 Vegeta; LR Black; 3x LR Broly; LR Bardock; LR Goku & Frieza; LR Cell; 2x SSJBE Vegeta; UI Goku; 3x GAF ; 3x MVP 17; SSJ4 Gogeta; … The grind is not that long or difficult and you are likely to pull at least a few copies of this SR unit, you can save a few Kais. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. It even turns out that Buu is something of a fighting prodigy, displaying a level of smarts never seen before in a fight against Goku, outsmarting the Saiyan hero to pick up a win. In this event, there are multiple stages with 1 - 10 being Type-based and the rest being Category based. Français; View source. Str: 24 (Primary) Agi: 21 Int: 15 Power:S Speed:A Vitality:A Intelligence:D Default Skill 1:Absorption Majin Buu fully engulfs and takes an opponent into his body to cause an increase in physical and mental prowess. Inflicts enemy with Attribute Downgrade "+20% to Strike Damage Received" for 15 timer counts on hit. Edit: And also LR Meta Cooler btw. Zenkai 1 Majin Buu GRN has a plethora of ways to augment his Damage, from one-time Strike Damage Buffs to Sustained Damage Received Debuffs upon entering the battlefield. Inflicted with Attribute Downgrade "+3 to Strike Arts cost" for 20 timer counts. SBR - Androids. Description: An evil creature created by Bibidi many ages ago. - Big Bad Bosses - Metamorphosis - Kamehameha - Shocking Speed - The Wall Standing Tall - Fierce Battle Majin Buu Saga - Transformation Boost - Artificial Life Forms Credits Original Majin Buu (Ultimate Gohan) render by el-maky-z on DeviantArt, and has been modified Card effects by Greenadine Card art background taken from Google Images and has been modified Card created by Greenadine Dokkan awaken and extreme z awaken gotenks. 100. Doing so will remove control of Babidi, replacing him with Majin Buu. Zenkai 1 Majin Buu: Good GRN codifies Regeneration's gameplan as one of pure attrition. MAJIN BUU SAGA TEAM . Powers Combined Majuub: Max Lv: SA Lv: Rarity: Type: Cost: 120/140: 1/15: 36 "I'm gonna FUSE with Majin Buu and BRING YOU DOWN!" 2297. - Revival - Master of Magic - Majin - Infinite Regeneration - Nightmare - The Wall Standing Tall Resurrected Warriors - Majin Buu Saga - Transformation Boost - Time Travelers - Artificial Life Forms - Inhuman Deeds - Majin Power - Power Absorption Up, Screenshot_2020-12-21-22-49-56-95_8a43f2cbc4bcaa96add3f8431b71704c1080×2400 1.37 MB…, I would love any help with making a team as I’m not sure how to INT : UR : 960. Copyright (C) GamePress All Rights Reserved. Majin Buu is cheerful with a childlike mind, his other form’s personalities vary greatly enough it could be said that the Majin personalities can be just about anything. STR: 37/42. Zenkai 1 Majin Buu GRN is an absolute terror on this Tag Team, and thanks to its roster of Supporters, Buu is truly given a chance to shine. Which has worse design? STR Jiren. theres better options then him though, I have on my buu team phy vegito, 100% agl ssj3 goku, angel ssj3 goku, ssj3 phy gotenks , str mystic gohan and LR goten and trunks, i pulled goku like 3 times but ill never use him, or str majin vegeta on the buu saga team Blast Defense UP for each Element: Yellow battle member. 546. The power of the ultimate Majin primarily lies in his ability to subject his opponents to lopsided wars of attrition via his Health Recovery and Sustained Damage Cut skills. 200 "Universal Survival Saga" Category Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +150%; or STR Type Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +50%. Evil Incarnate Majin Buu (Pure Evil) Max Lv: SA Lv: Rarity: Type: Cost: ID: 80/100: 1/10: 17/25: 1195 31 May 2015: Prior to 30 Oct 2015, and Type ATK +30%: Super Kamehameha: Causes supreme damage to enemy: Evil Mindset: … PHY AGL INT STR TEQ : Rarity : LR UR SSR SR R N : Title Type Rarity; 961. The Following Cards Are At MAX Stats! Majin Buu is one of the many antagonists turned protagonists of the Dragon Ball Series. 1/120: INT Type Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +80%: Demon Eye - Causes supreme damage with a high chance of stunning the enemy Details: Expanding Magic - DEF +80%; all allies' DEF +40% when HP is 81% or more; recovers 5% HP at start of each turn and all allies' Ki +3, ATK +40% when HP is 80% or less: Majin - ATK & DEF +10% Brutal Beatdown - ATK +10% … save hide report. STR Super Buu, Kid Buu's EZA, and the Kai Story Event are now in the Global database. Information, guides, tips, news, fan art, questions and everything else Dokkan Battle related. Although he is … 2020/04/01: … Majin Buu Saga has 3 Phy, 1 Teq, 1 Str, and 1 Int Enemies. He can leverage this Ability to Rising Rush problem targets or stop his foe from re-orienting their Team order. SP Super Baby 2 BLU is the ultimate Majin's greatest Ally, mainly thanks to his Health Recovery and Health Recovery potency … Requirements: 15 timer counts must elapse. Burst of fighting spirit piccolo . Transformation Conditions.