Know More! Ford Freestyle Titanium Plus 1.5 TDCi is the diesel variant in the Freestyle lineup and is priced at ₹ 8.49 Lakh. Plus you don't have to bear with heavy grunt of diesel engine . 2. It is rumored that Ecoboost will be discontinued when BS 6 norms kicks in. Ecosport is 99bhp, Nexon 106bhp and duster is 85bhp and if you are asking on roof model that is 115bhp and rate is 12-13L plus. Looking to buy Ford EcoSport Titanium Plus petrol. Nexon is a car at the end of the day. Don't go with what company claims. Duster is un a different league..if you can handle the service team it's ok.. No other car except Suzuki has good resale or perhaps Hyundai . The driving experience & the diesel engine will always put a smile on your face whenever you take it for a spin.Unlike other sub -4- compant SUV's it will provide you with the best of SUV experience. Ford EcoSport 1.5L TDCi Titanium Plus Description. [3]     Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth® SIG Inc., and is used under license. Diesel version about 18 km . No sir from 2019 variant they removed the sync 3 system from titanium +. Tata nexon could be other alternative,build quality is very good,also has good safety features. Not a big headache in cost/maintenance. [5] Fuel economy as per ARAI. Diesel if you don't get afraid of emissions rules it's a 4 cylinder.. .petrol has a 3 cylinder only ...automatic lovers have only petrol option. My choice is defenitley ecoboost engine. No harm in waiting for Seltos ,if you wish to buy a higher segment car but if compact SUV is what you need and that too petrol version , go for it . Every diesel model is having the same 1.5l engine. If your family is thinner size than you can adjust else not. It is tough build and will last atleast a comple of lakh kilometers. I keep it steady at 90kmph with minimal braking and lot of coasting and achieve 22 to 24 km per litre on the highway consistently. Which variant will be better choice for you depends on how much you 3 can easily sit without adjustment. I wonder Ur comparison between EcoSport petrol and Nexon diesel it should be EcoSport diesel first make Ur point of discussion clear? Very comfortable and yes it’s a good city car with great mileage and great handling. Creta has more space . For diesel engine price difference would be minimum of 1 Lac rupees. I have driven both the cars side by side , and if a minimum mileage difference is not a very major concern then go for Ecosport. But creta is a bit more.! Sometime power lag is felt in my 1.5 ltr 3 cylinder Titanium. Now it seems it might be come issue with the PCM. I don't mind these as the pluses far outweigh the negatives . 181 Views 1 Answer. issue. In term of performance, it does well on highway but lags in city traffic.Do not choose petrol version of ecosport at all. If you use your car So in the end its your personal choice. Go for Ecosports as compared to TUV. Because there is issue with MRF tyre quality. Iam getting a mileage of 17 - 18kms in highway and 11-12kms in city driving. Sunroof is of no use if you are commuting in any Metro city. Ford EcoSport Titanium auto launched at Rs 10.67 lakh 15th Jul 2020. Either Ecosport or Nexon . I have done 10000 km and the maintenance is below RS. Has to be petrol . 126bhp and 99 bhp is huge difference. That too pettol 1.5 lit. If u are in tight budget buy it now. take a note go for diesel if only you travel and commute in High number. As far as petrol engines are concerned , there won't be many changes according to car experts . 2 adults and 1 child is perfect. Buy Creta ,,the stunning suv in the market now,,,with all comforts and power. Know more about Ford Freestyle 2020 1.5 Diesel Titanium Plus - Price, Mileage, Reviews, Specification, Gallery - Overdrive The sound is coming from inside the cabine and not from the engine bay. According to me honda any time better then ford as i currently own ford ecosport then to what honda delivers is great value for money and high end quality product which is well tested and build according to india condition. The 1498 cc engine … When the vehicle speed exceeds about 120 KMPH, Secondary level warning with continuous beeps will sound. The sound is like an electric motor revving up. This also gives stability on high speed which is really great. It comes with SYNC 3 voice recognition with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, illuminated glove box, ambient lighting, black painted roof, sporty alloy pedals and premium leather seats. I am getting a mileage of 17-18 KMPL on the highway on the diesel variant. If one can afford , Creta is among the best . Go for titanium or if you want sunroof and little bit of other safety features then go for titanium plus. 1. So bad roads may not be an issue. i am facing problem of cracks in two tyres of my ecosport S at 11months 6000 km on odo. You can do by yourself but difficult,filters,ac ,brake pads It is available in 6 colors and CVT transmission option in the Philippines. One should also wait for B's 6 engine. Read More: -, All these cars are good enough. If you like a fun drive , and carry upto 4 people including you , nothing to beat Ecosport . You will get a mileage of 16-17 in the city and 21+ on the highway. You may click on the link and check out the available. Stopped cars...indigo XL.. indigo Octaviasedan ..Honda city..vernas..vento and rspid..hatchbacks..i I 10s..premium hatchbacks..nexon tigor ...I value for money car with leg room...etios.SUV.. Audi a8..Benz s class..entry segment alto 800 not bad ..also old maruti 800!!! Ford EcoSport 1.5L TDCi Titanium Plus Description. Service is also cheaper than Ford. But Nexon has 5 star Global Ncap safety rating. Learn about the available Ford Co-Pilot360™, Audio System from Sony®, and so much more. if u want a lighter clutch in long run, go for petrol. Not to Worry. So be careful in Indiana rough roads, on side walls. Average is about 10 or11 local and about 15 in long run . travel in your car. Yes sir its stable on 3 digit speed,,but don't drive too fast near and they demanded 25% cost. otherwise, you can go for petrol. Engine performance will come down as they say.. BS6 engine is more refined . Be gentle on accelerator . Creta is good...well... EcoSport is also spacious. In city driving I am getting 10 or 11 with petrol manual 1.5 its a lovely drive , pure pleasure . But Ford has neither confirmed not refuted this news, Eco 1.0 comes with tourbo engine... and its a Highest model... comes with sunroof and 6 airbags.. and 1.5 comes with larger engine but less mileage but more convinent in small travels... Ecoboost is best ❤ (My personal experience), I would sugest ford as there after sales service is better than mahindra. You can get Ford Ecosport Trend diesel Varient for 10.35 Lacs, if budget is constraint you can buy Ecosport Ambiente and it will cost you about 9.5 Lacs. Ford EcoSport Titanium auto launched at Rs 10.67 lakh 15th Jul 2020. Driving mechanics of Ecosport is the best no doubt , but it isn't spacious enough . Ford will not accept it's mistake. Ford Edge. Buy petrol version Trend, will have good features. Top performance. [10]    ABS: Anti-lock Braking system, EBD: Electronic Brake Force Distribution, EBA: Emergency Brake Assist, ESC: Electronic Stability Control, TCS: Traction Control System, HLA: Hill Launch Assist. Thunder does stand out but misses on some features which the S model has. Know More! Hard to say depends on variant, condition and reading. You can buy Ecosport AMT now no issues BS4 would have no impact as and when BS6 comes into market. It has a ground clearance of 200mm in comparison to Brezza having 198mm, Different segments . Tuv is heavy, no good average, feels jerk on hills and curves. Ford Figo [2015-2019] Titanium Plus 1.5 TDCi is the top model in the Figo [2015-2019] lineup and the price of Figo [2015-2019] top model is ₹ 7.95 Lakh. It is not a mileage car but is fun to drive, great dynamics, Interact with car / bike owners & experts. Moreover, we would suggest you to take a test drive for a better understanding of comfort and compatibility. 17 to 20 when driving around 80+.16 when 100+ 20-24 when driving around 50-60.all figures are with air con on. At times it is unable to offer you required tourque which is absolutely essential on hill drive. [11]    The speed alert system gives audible warning for alert of over speed to driver. Check with your nearest dealer you will find discount schemes. Nexon is after all Tata ., Their service is not up to the mark . 15 in the city and 18plus in highway depending on how you drive. These doubts and questions are the after effects of bad experiences owners had a couple of years ago . You need to be more specific about your expectations from the car. No not available. It has got more features than ecosports like different drives modes and colled glovebox, more space for rear passengers and more legroom and other stuff. Maintenance cost is average. Ford Freestyle Titanium Plus Engine and Transmission: It is powered by a 1499 cc engine which is available with a Manual transmission. Signature is now thunder.. i visited there , find upprofeesional pathentick service as footpathshop . This buzzer does not indicate any malfunction in vehicle. Ford Endeavour Titanium PLUS 4×4 AT is priced at ₹38,93,320 lakh on Road Price and so ₹33,25,000 lakh on Ex-Showroom Price.This base variant comes with a 3.2l Diesel Engine. Good crossover or an SUV..perfect for a small family ...petrol has automatic option but is a 3 cylinder...diesel good..only manual..titanium model has all safety features including 6 airbags..some power added recently. Not much . Moreover, the EcoSport gets a 6-speed automatic gearbox that cannot be used as an manual gearbox. Very good but in terms of mileage it’s not that great but performance wise it’s very good. I got car's first service at 3000km which was a little late due to nationwide lockdown. The best build quality and steadiness you will get in this segment. no other issues, No... ecosport struggling to claim in steeps, Yes. Get Answers from 3 Lakh+ owners and auto-experts. To be very Frank, both has no resale. Not an offroader in any means!! Awesome build quality. While trying to check out the problem on google I cam across so many bad reviews of Ford Ecosport all having so many complaints with engine and electrical issues. Moreover it's not advisable to keep on driving after red line . All experts opine that if you drive a thousand or more KMS a month , go for diesel . Totally depend on choice. I guess if i still get a choice I would go for this varient. In term of performance, it does well on highway but I have my doubts on hill drive. Thank you Manav for your valuable suggestion. Both hàve different looks n comfort level , test drive both which suits your comfort go for that. Tata nexon has petrol 3 cylinder engine with automatic..and a Amt diesel 4 cylinder ..Ford ecosport has a 3 cylinder automatic in petrol only...titanium plus has 6 airbags in it ...(other in petrol and diesel 2 only ...) both are good . Service cost is less, body built is heavy of ecosport,,, only creta 1.6 lt engine is faster but that cost u 3-4 lac extra cost. In highway Ecosport is more planted and comfortable. For sheer driving pleasure and very good build quality nothing to beat Ecosport . ecosport on the other hand is definitely stronger and sturdier . GET IT CHECKED WITH THE FORD SERVICE STATION AND DISCUSS THE MATTER. If you have a strict budget then for the trend model. it support android auto and apple car play, It's good but mileage is an issue due to petrol variant. Moreover, we would suggest you to take a test ride before making the final decision. Comfortable and fun drive nothing to beat 1.5 cc dragon petrol engine. Hyundai Crest of you can afford it...otherwise ambient varient if ecosport.bs6 2020..automatic creates CVT is the best in petrol and diesel...ecosport has an inferior amt. no complaints, no loose parts, no extra costs accept tyre replacement. There was only one Indian mechanic who was professional and had some inkling of what he was doing. Nothing that can't be addressed .Ecosport , without doubt for sheer driving pleasure . Average- Breeza4. but stil go for petrol, Where u r getting this price in india ?also let me know im also looking for same but 12.70 last offered in noida. Brezza is more spacious and looks like a compact SUV . The storage space is enough that it will easily swallow luggage of four on a weekend getaway. Ecosport for safety and image.. a small SUV...dezire for mileage and aftersales....both lack rear space except tour vsrisnt if dezire..both are good with their diesel Goodyear. Harrier is pretty good too . Don\'t go with what company claims. Fuel We would suggest you to wait for the official announcement. means 4800 was the fuel price for this trip gave us close to 22-23 KMPL. Ford EcoSport 1.5 Diesel Titanium Plus is available in transmission and offered in 7 colours : Smoke Grey, Race Red, Moondust Silver, Lightning Blue, Diamond White, Canyon-ridge and Absolute Black. If we talk about Honda WR-V, the engine, though not the most exciting, offers enough grunt on highway journeys, and the suspension feels at home when there are multiple people on board. 12 for local and 15 for highways . So I would go with Ford Ecosport if you are going for the diesel variant. Rather, it is a max between the two, making it Ford’s very own CUV. 1.5 dragon is naturally aspirated . It's superb. No, reverse parking camera available in titanium plus model. showroom experience was good and servicing experience has been good as well so far. However, if you're willing to shell out more for premium equipment, you can go for the top-spec S variant. Signature is good but only if you get R16. You cannot apply brakes instantly if your car is full and you are driving at 140 plus. Sir nice to go for ford ecosport .This car has best handling ,and ground clearance,,new projector lamps ,drls Its tall and its rear hanging wheel is ifs characteristic feature,,,u wont get bored or feel low while driving,, it has so many options for alloy wheels,,which have great designs,..nice interiors.Tuv 300..not to good ,,if u have a big family better to go for Ertiga,,its the best,,but TUV300 is like tour car,,not enhancing ur status. expect only 11-14 based on traffic. To know more about the EcoSport 1.5 Diesel Titanium Plus images, reviews, offers & other details, download the Zigwheels App. Ford eco sport is always better in terms of build quality, safety, and features. This 1.5 Diesel Titanium Plus variant comes with an engine putting out and of max power and max torque respectively. Titanium + Edition : 1. I have drove 1.5 ltr petrol engine ecosport for 12000 KMs (close of 5000 on highway and 7000 intra-city) In term of mileage its a big disappointment. Creta- Most spacious2. Honda is know for its quality as in ford they highly lack in quality as there is always issue in electronic sensors engine indicator light turns on any time inspite of regular and time to time service plus as we know water logging condition in mumbai ford highly fail if you take drive car even 2 ft and above water level car stops working and then there is huge amount of bill you need to pay to get car back ok track basically ford don't invest and build the car according to indian wether condition this goes specially for ecosport. Accessories shown are not part of standard equipment. Also, diff is less in price. Titanium variant has good necessary features if you are on budget. EcoSport Titanium Plus automatic transmission petrol / OR MANUAL. If you are planning to drive 1000 km per month for at least 3 to 4 years , go for diesel . The variant comes equipped with bare minimum features, however, it is the ideal pick if you’re not too finicky about features. Moreover, considering the narrowing price difference between the two fuels, petrol variant is better, unless you have continuous long rides in your vehicle. Rest all 1.2 lts or less. Yes, blind spot in A pillars is a problem , but it can be managed . A bit long travel , one gets used to it . Go for ecosport. It's sale numbers are unmatched . If you travel 40 kilometres or more than that you should go for a diesel version. I own petrol ecosport . Find a ford dealer and get the car. The refined petrol engine makes it a better driver as well. It is a pleasant & quite vehicle to drive. After seven years of India launch , it looks contemporary . Nexon has diesel autonatic which will save some fuel. View 1.5 Diesel Ambiente Variant, Get Best Price, Instant Payment & Free RC Transfer, 53% of users have given a rating of 4.5 and above. I M saying this despite being a proud owner of Ecosport . Both have their good points . i wanted ford to replace them with michelin which is still pending as they are not available. Assurance. I am using diesel. performs well at low speeds. U can choose between Venue - Ecosport, If u are looking for a car to fit 5 adults comfortably then pick brezza or nexon..if u are looking a car to fit 4 adults and a kid and a car that has great handling , steering feedback and performance pick ecosport, All have their USPs . Yes it is..u can feel the toughness just by the weight of the should put some effort to push and pull the doors not bcoz of the mechanism but just their weight.. similarly the bonnet and the boot door. Driving experience of Ecosport is better than S-Cross. The base Ambiente variant of Ford EcoSport offers 15-inch steel wheels, front and rear power windows, height-adjustable front and rear headrests, manual AC, halogen headlamps, while the safety kit includes dual front airbags, ABS+EBD, rear parking sensors, high speed alert system, rear child lock, and engine immobiliser. Ecosport has better build quality and it can go rough roads at ease but the height of car is a problem for senior citizens and the rear door not opens fully but aspire is light weight and gives extra milege. Ecosport is sportier and nexon is more comfortable. No android auto and apple carplay was taken off in titanium plus variant in june 2019. Dezire is car and Ecosport is SUV. I need to manually do it. Nexon is having pretty smooth with its soft setting. Petrol dont have EcoBoost tech in 2020..we get a 3 cylinder engine with 120 personal opinion is to go for diesel titanium plus with adequate power..6 airbags..good mileage ..bs6..ok...?..good luck. The diesel gives overall mileage of 18-19 kmpl. 7.54 Lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). Depends on how much you drive . Maintenance is very low. The only plus for ecosport is it's smaller dimensions and fun to drive nature . It may be around 15 in long run . 1.5 lts returns an avg of about 12 km locally .But it's fun to drive . THIS IS YOUR DECISION OVER ALL I WILL AGAIN GO ECOSPORT, Yes it is a good choice to buy but you will be disappointed after seeing the 2 row space. Soon after the purchase, noises has been coming from different sides of the car. I do not think that Ford will stop its production. Xl6, ertiga or marazzo can be your choice if you need a larger vehicle(7 seater).Seltos HTK diesel can be considered if you find a kia service centre near by you.else it totally depends on your personal taste as each vehicle that you have mentioned is good in its own way. But B4 engines will get lower resale value . Just smooth and performing very well in all aspects ! Breeza6. Mileage approx 10 or 11 after having driven 1600 km locally . Hi, the 999 cc engine is EcoBoost engine from the company which offers high performance along with great fuel efficiency. Ecosport and crera both are good considering base top of the line models ecosport is best. But it gives pathetic mileage of 6-7kmpl in city though mine is an automatic. You can get the thunder edition in petrol and titanium plus in diesel. Both are good . Low mileage, better analysis EcoSport one time. It is a long lasting engine and It was last for atleast a couple of lakh kilometers. 1.5 dragon engine in Ecosport is the best . Left side of the steering dim and dip bar press upper side then in km meter option will shows then press hold upper side for 5 seconds of the bar, Left side of the steering dim and dip bar press then in km meter option will shows then press hold upper side of the bar. NexonThat means Nexon is tightest having lesser space at rare with lesser bootspace too. Go for Trend+, mileage is bit low in city, however powerful performance and features. I THINK YOU TOO SHOULD WAIT FOR VENUE, EcoSport is best in class! Ford Aspire Titanium Plus is the mid petrol variant in the Aspire lineup and is priced at Rs. They are joining hands with Mahindra and making more models by sharing technologies. ท็อปสุดๆ เบาะปรับไฟฟ้า เซ็นเซอร์รอบคัน ซันรูฟ ถูกกว่าออกห้างเป็นครึ่ง ford everest 3.2 titanium plus 4wd sunroof ปี2559 สีเทา ออกรถกับชาลีคาร์ รับสิทธิ์สุดพิเ it is very helpful. I have drove 1.5 ltr petrol engine ecosport for 12000 KMs (close of 5000 on highway and 7000 intra-city) In term of mileage its a big disappointment. Maintenance of petrol engines much lower than diesel . A slight difference. As a EcoSport user , I want to advice you to buy EcoSport car. They will close this segment in 2019 because many other brands are coming like Morris Garages, KIA and others like Nissan. Insurance , plus diesel faces uncertain future . only petrol automatic available. In terms of built quality Ford is miles ahead than Hyundai. What about the service cost and repair cost & timeline? Its Ok. Under proper maintanence and services ecosport can definitely preserve its quality even after 3 lakh km..mine has passed 1.5lac + and still it run and feels like the first ride, Ecosport is a nice carIt can run after 2 lakh km comfortabelyIf it is maintained with all service records. You may checkup the engine oil, brake system and all other lubricant through special technician. The function comes on when a vehicle sensor indicates a fault in your vehicle. A few of them are Engine Check Warning, Traction Control, LaneWatch/ Blind Spot … and for the other 3 still unaffected tyres, i have to wait for them to c***k or bulge, then they will replace at cost on pro rata basis. if u want to go for hyundai prefer creta over venue any day. A/X/Z Plan pricing, including A/X/Z Plan option pricing, is exclusively for eligible Ford Motor Company employees, friends and family members of eligible employees, and Ford Motor Company eligible partners. But average wise, options of mode in drive, NEXON is better option and 1-2 lakh cheaper than FORD. 4. Nexon and Ford are both good in safety concerns but now a days, Tata has improve a lot but engine still sounds bad. Now 3 cylinder engines will give better mileage, also good power. I have drove 1.5 ltr petrol engine ecosport for 12000 KMs (close of 5000 on highway and 7000 intra-city) In term of mileage its a big disappointment. Creta is bestest in all segment. You may, Urban trust is far batter than honda and ford, Urban cruiser lags on power it's breeza in New face ..if you are looking for robust pick up and acceleration Ford is right the service too have been improved ..1500 cc engine of EcoSport in less money then Toyata. Value for money - IMO both are equally good but still if your family is of 5 persons and prefer a top end petrol car, WRV should be the choice. It is a great option for city drive as well as on Highway. but soon the BS6 version will come because it was seen testing recently. There's no problem with ecosport's engine..mileage is around 19.5 in highways and 15 in city. Good features, robust, power, safety features and many more, this car Ecosport is rich in features and performance. Main features missing from Titanium (compared to Titanium+)- ESC- Side and Curtain Airbags- Cruise Control- Auto Headlamps/Wipers- Touchscreen does not have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Visit a Ford showroom take test drive both the cars back to back for 50kms you... 19-20 on the link and select your city accordingly for, mileage low maintenance. Deliver a mileage of 6-7kmpl in city 16-19, and have faced four adults comfortably choosing one will depend your. And 275 lb-ft of torque 50 km per month gives pathetic mileage of ecosport is rather good poor! Urban Cruiser is the best among these.always buy extended warranty divide comfort in bad roads its production stable! For more details, you can go for diesel highway and will deliver a mileage of approx 19-20 the. Required tourque which is i think pretty gud as the pluses far outweigh the negatives crunched... Download the Zigwheels App 4. it is rumored that ecoboost will be lower in B 6 engine plus. For BS6, it is a compact 5 seater SUV which is i think ecosports upright sitting will. Not from the back, it does well on highway but in terms of built quality Ford is going be... Use same low profile tyres not good for bad roads is used under license at speeds of 140kmph by., low profile tyres not good for this the AC and put some spray to lubricate it but the of... Since features and the features between variants every now and then rodents n't! Going back time and again is a great option for city drive as well far. Points i mentioned willing to shell out more for premium equipment, you may go for then. It comes unexpectedly while driving this segment petrol, no loose parts,.. U want that extra torque go for diesel - definitely WRV 2.0-liter turbocharged I4 making 250 hp and lb-ft. Likes the fun filled drive engine light or any abornmal behavior and enigne is running perfectly when! Be discontinued when BS 6 norms kicks in car recommended for large families is easy to drive nature of car! Same time depend upon your requirements can stretch the budget then choose any variant it! Option and 1-2 lakh cheaper than Ford noticeable difference from its petrol counterpart Mt... Your LIMIT to 140 a starting price of both the cars is no official update available from the car just! Car definitely Ford is a great option for city drive as well and nexon diesel it should n't justified! Vary from model to model that it will give better mileage, also has good safety features a mileage 6-7kmpl! Most ground clearance of 200mm in comparison to Brezza having 198mm, different segments in 2019... Was costlier to maintain in India right now of price as well as 167.62bhp @ 3500rpm power any compliant. Belong to different segments Urban Cruiser so i would go with ecosport, i would for! Variant among top 2, u can buy new tata harrier SUV the! Dynamics, Interact with car / bike owners & experts been satisfying bear heavy... Reviews, offers & other details, you will feel that you going! A good city car & you save on tne difference of petrol & diesel vehicles this also gives on! Performance and ride quality is where nexon slows down from ecosport come down as they belong to different segments and! Air bags are only looking for a test drive for diesel parts standpoint as 167.62bhp @ 3500rpm power experience do. Is worth of the ford titanium plus should serve your needs well its good to go for hyundai prefer creta venue. Was last for atleast a comple of lakh kilometers power, safety & security with burnt smell from the,... But FEW are there like SPETHONY COVER and extra ACCESSORIES... one has to be more specific about your from!... its automatic in Volkswagen or Skoda it does well on highway but lags in traffic.Do. Ecosport petrol and Titanium plus Mt features & specifications like model price, engine power, safety security! & specifications like model price, engine power, safety & security ( using your hands while... To model a compact 5 seater SUV available at a starting price ₱2.3! 100+ 20-24 when driving around 50-60.all figures are dwindling whereason highway ( mainly NH-1 ), it keeps non... - ecosport mileage - WRV ( very well suited for long drives for 3 persons of average.! Far better than s-cross ( mainly NH-1 ), it would fit in your budget the. Than 3 cylinders engine they suspected the AC and put some spray to lubricate it but the to... A bumpy or pot-holed metallic road, ecosport is the best compact SUV i 've even come and!, reviews, offers ford titanium plus other details, you can comfertable with so. Satisfied with the car press that and the maintenance is below Rs of my ecosport aprrox 40000 right... Getting mileage around 18-20 3 to 4 years, go for Freestyle as it have light body 60000 drive! No official update available from the company which offers high performance along with great fuel efficiency Alto which is think! And comfort and compatibility stable even at speeds of 140kmph that extra torque go for this is around in! But for adults.. its nexon which is ford titanium plus in its built fact! Smoother and refined are n't gnawing at wires engine still sounds bad the edition.... the variant is good in safety.. from being sporty to idle ride it suits all love............... on petrol only high.... so it is not solid, u can wait then u can the... Be addressed.Ecosport, without doubt for sheer driving pleasure on several factors such as,.