Since basil is not a traditional BLT … Creamy, mayonnaise-marinated tomatoes, romaine lettuce and diced avocados are topped with pieces of lean bacon. Step 3 Place bread cubes and tomatoes on sheet pan; toss to … Chop the crispy bacon into small pieces, then place in a bowl with the croutons, tomatoes, and romaine. If you’re a fan of the classic BLT sandwich, check out this BLT salad with avocado from Skinnytaste. Bite into our delicious BLT with Avocado made with Hellmann's® Organic Original Mayonnaise, crispy bacon and fresh alfalfa sprouts. Don't know about the reviewer who didn't like the Avocado - unless I read it wrong Avocado isn't called for in this recipe. Adding slices of creamy avocado to your traditional BLT sandwich transforms it into something special. Place spoonfuls of the BLT mixture into each avocado, then serve. Everyone loves a BLT, it is a classic and always the most requested sandwich at my house. Serve Keywords: blt sandwich, avocado sandwich, best sandwich, easy sandwich, best sandwich recipe, healthy sandwich, blt recipe, avocado recipe BLT on a Stick with Avocado -Sriracha Mayo is the perfect sandwich for tailgating and game day buffets! I wanted to kick my regular BLT up a notch and threw together some Avocado-Sriracha Mayo. While bacon bakes, process avocado, mayonnaise, lemon juice, and 1/4 teaspoon of the salt in a food processor until smooth. INGREDIENTS 1 Tbsp. Even though I'm a huge basil fan I think I liked the dressing better without it. For a low-carb BLT you might also like my BLT Lettuce wraps! And are they ever in season right now. Cut the avocados in half, and remove the pits. Today for this Ultimate BLT(A) Sandwich, we’re talking thick cut pepper bacon, home grown tomatoes, a special Duke’s mayo mix, butter lettuce and an avocado… all toasted up on sourdough bread. The Bacon. This recipe is easy and ready in under 30 minutes- … Anyway I taste tested the dressing before and after adding the basil. Swapping the mayo for the avocado adds some healthy fats that you can mash up or leave sliced. Try them with avocado too! Stir to coat with the mayonnaise, and season to taste with salt and pepper. Sprinkle the tops with salt. Instead of using plain mayonnaise, we've jazzed ours up with mashed avocado, lemon juice, and some minced garlic for a real treat. And let’s up the game on the mayo a bit and add some pesto. Now for me folks, there ain’t but one kind of bacon and that’s thick-cut pork bacon. Enjoy! Assemble the Avocado BLT: one slice of bread, slather harissa mayo on it, 2 leafs of lettuce, 2 slices of tomato, 3 strips of bacon, half an avocado (sliced), top with the other slice of bread. Let’s just call this a BLAT ~ bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato. Yes, summer, the only time to make BLT’s are when tomatoes are in season. I love a BLT for lunch, if made with center cut bacon and whole grain bread it’s lighter than a traditional BLT and a great sandwich to pack for lunch. Hellmann's® or Best Foods Organic Original Mayonnaise There you go, the best BLT you’ll have all summer.