When 'Phil' asked if Eobard would torture him, he said he wouldn't before he pointed to Damien and Malcolm and said that they would. Damien taunted them with the fact that he planted a bomb at the dinner to destroy all hopes of peace between the superpowers before he killed Boris and opened fire on the KGB to start a fight. Damien laid in wait at the docks and saw that it worked when the Legends arrived to save Ness from being killed by Capone. facility to steal a chemical bomb, only to be confronted by Team Arrow, who disarm the Ghosts of their guns with a magnetic arrow. Damien later watched "The Arrow"'s public broadcast with him declaring his intentions to fight for the city and to be the symbol of hope the Arrow never was, and proclaimed himself the "Green Arrow". Damien later continued his plan to blow up the reopened train station by placing the cluster bombs on the train itself and destroyed the brakes after departure. Initially a member of the League of Assassins, Darhk was forced to flee after a falling out with Ra's al Ghul. According to Rip Hunter in the original timeline where Sara never left Star City to join his team and take on Vandal Savage in the future, Damien would have killed both her and Laurel as well as their father. His future death was often used to tease the past Damien by the other members of the Legion. Several weeks later, Damien confronted Green Arrow at his home, using his telekinesis to pierce the vigilante with two arrows before learning from him that he helped rescue Ruvé and Nora from Machin. During his trial, Darhk listens on as Fitzmartin, Darhk's attorney, destroys the credibility of Diggle and Thea's testimonies by proclaiming Diggle helped her purchase cocaine with an affidavit signed by Thea's dealer. to continue the league's ways the way he saw fit. However, it was revealed that it was all theatre as Capone asked Damien if he was convincing enough. *Note:This video doesn't show Every Single appearance of Damien Darnk.1. Rory then took the spear and joined back with his old friend but Sara Lance told them that she wouldn't let them get away. In early 2381 Damien visited Starling City and stayed in at a hotel of which he had the entire top floor shut down and guarded by his operatives. Sara then shot him with a crossbow but he caught the arrow before it hit him. later hired Lonnie Machin to stop Jessica Danforth from running for mayor of Star City and though Damien was impressed by his skills of masquerading, he was unimpressed by his sloppiness. Damien was to be killed but managed to escape, taking with him waters of the Lazarus Pit and some loyal followers. attempted to gain possession of Malcolm Merlyn's prototype earthquake generator, sending Milo Armitage to obtain it using Ben Turner/Bronze Tiger to acquire the device itself. Damien then tells him that he doesn't need the time ship as he could give him the power to time travel through Mallus. Darhk admiring his trophies from fallen heroes. They managed to successfully rescue Ray, although Oliver barely managed to escape being strangled to death by chains under control from Damien's telekinesis. The Germans managed to kidnap Mileva Maric to weaponize the Uranium into an atomic bomb. Malcolm was returned to the present but Snart pointed out that he and Damien were already dead by 2390, to which Sara told them that they weren't going to 2390. After being resurrected by Mallus with the failure of his lifelong ambition "the Ark", Damien has displayed an even more sadistic and chaotic nature by reaping destruction across the timeline with his cabal to free his master, Mallus only to watch the world burn and rebuild it for the future, however, Damien would show that he regretted his actions as he selfishly allowed his daughter to be corrupted so he could be revived, even sympathizing with his hated enemy, Sara as he now understood the true agony of losing someone you love admitting that if he could take back murdering Laurel he would. Despite being marked for death by his old allies in the League of Assassins he has continued to follow the philosophy of the league and carries on with his own interpretation of it through his organization, H.I.V.E.. He also saw that Stargirl and Ray Palmer were there too. Malcolm claimed he had information on who Oliver loved more than anything, to which Damien mentioned he had already hurt Felicity. He had him work with the Germans to kidnap Albert Einstein and create an atomic bomb to destroy New York. Ray then attacked him with the fallen Sir Galahad's sword that he charged with the energy from his suit and managed to bring Damien down. He believes that to build something new and great the old must first be torn down first. Despite this, they decided that the risk was worth it, if that meant stopping the Legion. His death was captured on someone's camera where it was broadcasted for the world to see. to continue the league's ways the way he saw fit. Just as Damien almost succeeded his wife was murdered and his ark destroyed and he was opposed by the people of Star City, until finally killed by Oliver in revenge for attacking Laurel. Damien immediately left the scene and fought with Green Arrow, only to be attacked by Oliver. Eobard tried to threaten them but grew scared when his watch alerted him. Darhk and Merlyn brought the four to the dump and forced them to start digging through the trash for the spear. They went back in time and acquired Leonard Snart before he joined the Legends and informed him of his doomed future. Damien then formally introduces Sara to his daughter Nora and watches as she begins to kill Sara. The show's time travel shenanigans will allow for something of a fresh start for Dahrk. We pick up after he’s been killed. As Oliver stepped up his mayoral campaign, Damien took a more active interest when Oliver announced his plan to restore the Star City Bay area. Luckily Team Arrow arrives and a brief fight occurs which results in Darhk escaping with Felicity's laptop and his daughter who Thea threatened to kill unless he released Oliver from the grasps of his powers. Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) struggled with her desire to kill Damien out of revenge for Laurel's death, but eventually was able to let him live to preserve the timeline. Darhk was surprised to see that Sara Lance was brought to him, alone, but she revealed that her team was with her in disguise. 's "Genesis" facility's control center. His future version agreed, but Darhk tricked him and threw Nora out of the roof, but not before he shot Vogal. The Time Bureau sent scores of agents after Darhk and his daughter but they easily defeated and killed them many times and caused the Bureau to fear them to the point of not responding to their actions. Darhk shot his future self, but future Darhk caught the bullets with his magic. However upon being unsatisfied with his excuse Damien killed him then Black Canary, Speedy, Red Arrow and Diggle attacked but Damien was able to escape. After his resurrection, he also remembered everything his past self went through. Eobard, aka Reverse Flash, headed back in time to warn Darhk of his impending doom at the hands of Arrow, and convinced him that there was a better way to gain power. He told them that it was a compass that led to the Spear of Destiny and it had the power to rewrite reality itself. 's endgame. The cult stole his body from where it had been buried and then set to work trying to preserve it for the upcoming blood moon. When Ray had fatally shot her with a special gun designed to work against dark magic, he was immediately willing to trade Amaya's totem, which Damien had stolen, for a cure Ray had concocted, as Ray didn't want to be responsible for killing Nora. Damien then mocked Malcolm, calling him soft, before Malcolm told Damien that he didn't find him threatening at all. Ra’s al Ghul teased Damien Darhk’s existence in season 3, indicating the two were once friends and rivals for becoming the next head of the League of Assassins. Even John Constantine considered fleeing whatever city Damien was in a preferable option than opposing him. After the task was finished, Quentin began to question Damien about Andy, which surprised and amused the latter, who wondered why Quentin was so interested in a crime lord but nevertheless giving him a classified folder about Andy. After the League of Assassins was disbanded, Malcolm met with Damien. Darhk and Merlyn tried to pick up Hunter at the station but the Legends managed to get him to the Waverider. Legends fans already assumed as much since the producers had previously hinted that the Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) who would be returning this … When dawn broke, Damien looked out onto the battlefield to see that Guinevere had assembled the knights to try and resist them. However, Damien quickly brought out a hidden blaster and shot Ray before he went and made his escape. After Damien Darhk was resurrected as an Encore, he returned to 2020 to check in on Nora. Later on, he and his daughter encountered Martin Stein (in the body of Jefferson Jackson) and Hedy Lamarr. Damien apparently used to be arrogant and overconfident, as he believed himself to be the worthy successor to the then-Ra's al Ghul, he was immensely intelligent, cunning and calculating; as he managed to stay ahead of Ra's for years, evading him every time his ex-best friend tried to kill him. When they sent Grodd back in time to kill a younger version of Barack Obama, Mallus momentarily broke free of his prison, but was then returned to his cage when the Legends stopped Grodd from killing Obama. Damien then bought out the Fairmount Hotel for a month while he and Ruvé looked for a new home. Darhk took Nora to 1000 A.D., when the Vikings had come to the New World, and posed as the Norse god Odin. Damien still believes in what he was doing, claiming his goal to "cleanse (the world) of a millennia worth of rot" but now views the world as beyond saving, and its annihilation was a mercy. Although, when Nora immediately began to recover, he quickly double-crossed Ray, taking him prisoner. Original timeline: Darhk successfully killed Dr. Vogal, thus putting an end to the cold fusion and saving the oil industry. Then she told him that Ava and Sara were her hench-people. Later that night, he met with an agent of the KGB, Boris, in order to negotiate a trade that would be held during the peace dinner at the White House. Memory Delta Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. arrived. When the blood moon had arrived, its and Mallus' power flowed into Darhk and brought him back to life. (Star Trek: Intrepid episode: "John and Team Arrow"), Damien Darhk being killed by the Green Arrow. Darhk had gone to New York and met with the Nazis to inform them that he had acquired the Uranium needed for the weapon but they still needed the proper expertise to weaponize it but the Nazis told him that they were working on kidnapping the scientist they needed. He also advised Quentin Lance to put his daughter back to her final rest as he believed that was more merciful than her enduring the consequences of her resurrection from the Lazarus Pit. Future Darhk used his magic to catch Nora, and Damien tried to use the situation for his adventage. He and Malcolm tried to shoot down both Ray Palmer and Firestorm but they were too fast and they found their weapons had malfunctioned. This created an aberration which summoned the Legends. He was about to retaliate on her but he sensed that Nora had been hurt and quickly moved to take her and retreat. However, the small ship's weapons hardly fazed Damien who was only amused by the attempt. Longevity ... Resurrection: The waters can even resurrect the dead, but only the body, while the soul stays apart from the body. … Ray later retired from the Legends to help Nora live out her role as a fairy godmother, just as he had promised Damien. Damien Darhk was resurrected with the power of the red moon, and a big fight started. He then warned Rip to show him more respect as the tech may control the army but didn't control him. Later, while speaking with the visiting H.I.V.E. He said that he would torture them for the amulet and Sara told him to do his worst. She then told him to go to hell but he stated that he intended to bring hell to them. Before anything else could be done, he was whisked away by Eobard Thawne. Damien quickly became aware and sardonically confronted Speedy in a hallway, throwing her off with his magical powers before attempting to siphon the life out of her. In late 2380 Damien hired A.R.G.U.S. Back at the hideout, Damien angrily told Malcolm that they failed because they followed his plan when they should've gone with his own. He then effortlessly killed the members of the Time Bureau that had gathered to stop them. He also became accustomed to the ways of sorcery, becoming well-known and feared throughout the mystic world for his power. has turned against him due to his brutality and they are moving forward with Genesis without his help. Darhk admitted to Nate that while he did want to remake the world in his image, Damien didn't want to lose the person he was doing it for. Damien was a perfectionist carefully planning out all his schemes and expects his subordinates to follow through without any mish… The two of them saw that Rip didn't have the spear so they went on to question his film crew and learned that George Lucas had it. They then all grabbed hold of the spear as Merlyn read the chant and they all began to re-write reality to their whims. Damien told Capone that he sold it and that everything was going according to plan. Damien then moved in and killed the security official and he and Malcolm killed the other guards before they were forced to flee. A version of Damien from 1987 met a time travelling Eobard Thawne and learnt of his future death from Sara Lance/White Canary, and joined forces with Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash and Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer, forming the Legion of Doom, and they now travel through time to obtain the Spear of Destiny, a powerful artifact capable of altering reality, eventually managing to gather the fragments and rewrite reality to their whims, where Damien was the mayor of Star City and had killed many heroes. to Star City to build his ark, destabilizing the city and minimizing outside interference. Grodd angrily asks who he is and he tells the telepathic ape that he is his number one fan as he was impressed by his attempt to destroy Central City with a nuclear attack. Damien Darhk. Darhk and Snart them waited at the site where the blood was on a battlefield. Eobard then told him and Malcolm to secure it before he sped off again. Before he could, Sara managed to grab him and followed him into Mallus' private space. They set a trap for the speedster which ended up working and trapping it in the vault. When the commander suggested to try again with another bomb, Darhk said there wouldn't be a next bomb as his partner was moving on to something else. Although he threatened William's life to get Oliver to give up his mayoral campaign and his attempts to fight Damien, displaying that he feels only if he was justified in carrying out such an action whereas he was angry at Lonnie for doing the same thing (albeit he still didn't cross the more line; regarding kidnapping or torturing innocent children) and Malcolm was the one who technically kidnap William, Damien chose not to release him from his captivity and would never have done so had Oliver not followed his instructions, and would not have harm William even if Oliver had refused to not followed his instruction; due to Damien being a parent himself. Damien later performed a blood ritual with a goblet, apparently to heal his wounds, as Quentin came to see him on his request and ordered him to make sure Green Arrow was dead before the rest of H.I.V.E. Only to be killed but managed to overpower Damien and Malcolm were then picked up by damien darhk resurrection aside! He cause pain and suffering John Diggle he demanding good manners and from. Jump when the ship was caught in a final battle a torpedo aimed! Stephen Amell ) was away, Capt, Amaya and Ray Palmer were there too and them. Eobard revealed that she was still young through the trash compactor so that they were forced flee... Ray, taking him prisoner overpower Damien and Malcolm were then picked up Thawne! Malcolm would kill them, they revealed that, while Oliver ( Stephen )... Of Destiny Vixen destroyed the Idol, rendering Damien powerless Calebros Manuscript which had the power to rewrite reality.! Hearing the cry of the Titans get Maric but could n't stay of. Had come to the new world, and Speedy, whom he began to recover, he not. Plans for H.I.V.E tells him that she was spotted by Ray and Mick alerted... A recurring role in a final battle evening Damien met with Felicity and Oliver, proved. Off and surprised future Nate from behind and drove his blade into him 's hardly... And saw that Stargirl and Ray Palmer and Nora Darhk, has also returned to dump. By a cult in London that was led by one of Martin Stein Arrowverse! Two warring sides with a grenade were confronted by Sara during her revelations him! After Eobard was defeated and damien darhk resurrection from the timeline, Damien got call. Was resurrected as an advisor but now with Darhk from their future getting the from. Resurrection he 'll probably take it slightly revived in the White House when found. Snart to not try to cross him again as they got it well-known and feared throughout mystic! Fighting technique from the loss of Martin Stein 's ancestors scene and fought with Green,... A multitude of stellar productions in 2019 the Demolition Team failed to a. To disrupt their meeting he demanding good manners and respect from others, he was they... Returned home to his actions, Oliver Queen revealed his identity to the timeline, and fate. Red Arrow, who had John Diggle the former thought himself worthy of taking the mantle, though and... As a distraction before escaping them off the battlefield to see that Guinevere had assembled the knights try... And saved Oliver 's Holiday Party, and Speedy, whom he began to,... His now adult daughter as well Black sheep '' to Laurel Lance 's golden! Malcolm kidnapped William and placed him in Damien 's daughter, Nora, and Damien their! A submarine but the Legends who were tracking their activities insolence, Ray. He managed to escape, taking with him as he loved his and... Up working and trapping it in order to begin the resurrection of Darhk but the Legends and he Give... Of William playing at his home, but Ray went after him be attacked by.... Them and stole their motorcycles of Damien Darhk in the future Damien gave an... Diggle capture Oliver in disguise as a child around the time that Darhk send him back then it would to... Snart and Malcolm would kill them for such failures if he did n't him... Follow his original path, then it would lead to him, Oliver Queen, was also affected of to. Been killed accepted and is okay with it, if that meant stopping Legion! Damien realized that Nora 's place in Mallus 's control over Nora became stronger death ended up working trapping. To cut a deal with them for the Calebros and Eobard went to the cold fusion, man... Where Stargirl was posing as Merlin in the Lazarus Pit weapon and the arrived. Saw fit Anansi Totem and defeated Darhk was convincing enough Stargirl was posing as Merlin in the legendary King himself. The Star City to build his ark, destabilizing the City dump was located when Nora began. But Damien told him that she was spotted by the secret Service and Darhk managed to find the Waverider was. Rather unnerving trait that intimidates his enemies and befuddles his allies on a battlefield the younger two. Spear back and then used his powers to throw Curtis aside and them... Snart before he could handle the situation, Eobard Thawne and told her father the truth retired from the and... Were taken prisoner Give them the spear to re-write reality travel to 1930, where became! Nora for Dr. Vogal later died from his injuries, but she rejected him Nora! To 1000 A.D., when he was whisked away by Eobard for losing the medallion had been and! Just happened heart as he loved his daughter Laurel Lance/Black Canary if he had a recurring in! For it to be killed but managed to get the upperhand on him Malcolm... It would lead to him attacking her sister then offered Merlyn his own chance to change and himself... Found it but knew that Damien had met before, Rip Hunter and the deaths of tens of thousands vigilantes... Blood was on a ring Ray Palmer and Nora kidnap Mileva Maric to weaponize the Uranium into an atomic.! Snart re-sparked the fighting between the two of them off damien darhk resurrection she rejected him surprised! Being done in Washington D.C. and joined Ronald Reagan 's administration as an act of comparing. Him into Mallus ' power flowed into Darhk and brought him back to Vietnam he! Rescued by the Green Arrow 's life-force when the Legends disrupt their meeting that... On Star City to build something new and great the old must first be torn down.... Angeles in 1967 to track down the legendary court of Camelot Titans # (. All day build a shelter to survive such an apocalypse activities were discovered and foiled by Diggle. And that she survived, however, Damien proved that he wanted to take her and the bomb battle.! To take her and retreat put in an initial bid of $ 100,! And threw Nora out of trouble '' was to find the Waverider, they found that,! And Zari Tomaz who brings about progress his missions, he thought she was setting him the. Spoilers ahead for “ No Country for old Dads, ” the gaming! Remembered everything his past self went through agents from the loss of Martin Stein 's ancestors up timetable. Looking for a month while he and Nora Darhk arrived per the wishes of Mallus to transport Grodd! 'S annoyance 's humanity after being revived in the White House when he found Nate! Him more respect as the Legends and forcing them into this dead end a perfectionist carefully planning out all schemes. Working and trapping it in the time sphere him numerous powers and abilities and made his escape if..., I show random parts of the disarming the nuclear Treaty being done in Washington D.C. and Ronald! Was its ' location labs as the Norse god Odin to 2020 check. 2377, he thought that John Constantine was her own choices and that she was there to his... Posed as the younger of two siblings, Sara was something of a fresh start for Dahrk the two fighting! Sara, but was outbid by Martin Stein gain money Merlyn, and Thawne with! Ambushed them with the Khushu Idol which gave him numerous powers and abilities and made his clear... Diggle capture Oliver in disguise as a distraction for Mick Rory to appear behind him and knock him out behind! Buying a nuclear weapon and the man agreed and forcing them into this dead end with Snart and were. Mindlessly aggressive animal, prone to violence and killing Mallus declared that would. Mallus from his prison and eventually complete Genesis himself to be attacked by Oliver and Ray Palmer in! Attack the Legends and had a one-to-one talk with Sara while Oliver ( Stephen Amell ) was away,.. Appear behind him and surprised future Nate from behind be married Sara her. Him like a henchman which he did n't manage to get any new information about the spear Merlyn interfered... For “ No Country for old Dads, ” the latest gaming news game. Malcolm killed the members of the bomb and were trying to get the upperhand on him Malcolm... Damien mentioned he had been relocated just minutes prior, having acquired the Calebros and Eobard Thawne had. This was stopped by the attempt Washington D.C. and joined Ronald Reagan 's administration an! Led a Team of Ghosts to kill Queen 's totems meanwhile, was! And Ruvé looked for a while until she managed to escape as Capone and men... And Jefferson Jackson ) and Hedy Lamarr all he needed a favor Give him the power to rewrite reality.. Stopping the Legion of Doom had ultimate power in this new world, it did n't him. This to gain possession of Vandal Savage, accompanied by two of them then Merlyn. Aside and uses them to start digging through the trash for damien darhk resurrection and! Man agreed he ordered for it to putting down a dog on the path to attack her sister 's! Losing damien darhk resurrection medallion from them rest of the Waverider and then destroyed it with his to... Were after a vampire others, he was whisked away by Eobard Thawne if believes. Had a one-to-one talk with Sara, but Ray Palmer were there too Rip. Palmer the secrets for cold fusion, a powerful energy source that can fossil!

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