Carjackings and abductions pose additional hazards for women driving alone, who are more likely than men to be targeted by sexual predators. One of the most peaceful things I do is stargaze. This may sound basic, but it’s the crux of your entire trip.t’s critical … Of course it isn’t safe, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go anyway. Thanks for your kind feedback, much appreciated . * I set up two chairs & also set a pair of my husband’s army boots by the door so it appeared someone was with me to anyone who happened by. You’ll have people that can come to your aid when they hear you fighting/screaming and shouting. We are already well aware of the dangers out there, because we face them every day, even more so than a guy who can “only imagine”. What is that telling you? Do not shout, stress out, and/or get angry, because that won’t help you one bit. I … I dream sometimes of being alone again in the woods. “…It’s very dangerous..”. I love being outside all day long. I’ve read a lot of stories of solo women backpackers who venture way out into the wilderness alone (bear country) for weeks at a time without incident but I doubt I’ll ever be THAT courageous, lol I absolutely get the biggest smile on my face and joy in my heart as I backpack down that trail solo, enjoying my surroundings, and then later sit around my camp, with no one around, enjoying myself, breathing in the fresh air and birds chirping as I sit relaxing by a babbling creek or by a crackling campfire. Leave the House Unprepared. Maybe I should do an article about men going camping, to NOT bother women on their travels. So nice that you wrote this out Cyndi. You don’t know if he has a gun or if a bullet to his leg will stop him from coming for you. If you're hiking solo, especially if you're a woman, be prepared. You can’t trust anyone when you’re a female camping alone. It’s just me and mother nature. Insulated Classic Review. I feel more on edge in my day-to-day life and that’s good and bad. I’ve tried other options that are supposed to be great for the outdoors that are sold at REI like the Diva Cup but so far the sponges work for me. I had a friend who once cautioned, “I just don’t want to see you in an episode of Forensic Files!” And I told her, “Then turn off your tv and go for a walk! No one to critique my cooking or TV show choices. Maureen is a photographer by trade and a hiker for fun. That’s why I choose not to go during that time of month and that’s my tip. Eat it outside, standing up. Dogs even put their own lives on the line to save their owners! After my husband passed away I had to decide what to do with our small VW camper. * I went mid-week to avoid crowds & often had the entire campground to myself. Sometimes, when you are out backpacking, camping, or hiking, you find that you really have to go to the bathroom. If you want to have a greater peace of mind, camp in a public campsite instead of the wilderness. * I planned my trips around the full moon so I had light enough to see all around me at night. Not gonna lie , it kind of scared me more than I already was .. I’m planning on moving across the country alone with my dog in a couple of weeks & I was planning on camping in different states along the way . The reason is … And we’ve learned that we can either cower in fear and stay home, or face the fear, trust our intuitions, adapt, prepare, and do stuff anyway! My whole life, I’ve found both my deepest solace and greatest entertainment under the open sky or a canopy of leaves; in the maze of a forest, or the wide grandeur of mountains and ocean horizons. I even stated in the article that “even our own backyards isn’t even safe”. Women traveling together or alone need to trust their instincts. These days, women in their 70s can be more fit than women half their age - age on the road is often relative, more a state of mind than a state of body. Camping Alone Safely: Set up your Shelter Properly. How safety is important and wise for any solo camper, regardless of sex. A spring snowstorm comes through our neck of the woods with blizzard like conditions and me and Monty decide to go camping in it! Clothes get grimy. Knowing that adds another dimension to these trips. She wants me to wear women's clothes every day. Repair something all by yourself. As a woman I’m constantly being told never to camp alone because something bad will happen to me and it will be all my fault if it does for not listening to their warning. Don’t let fear keep you from exploring. I’m planning on my first solo camping trip very soon. and have met many helpful and friendly people. We just don’t know when a murderer will be sitting around the corner waiting for us, which is why a dog is my preferred choice as well. They’re super comfortable, easy to set up and much lighter than a tent.Best of all, they are affordable.. This list contains my suggestions for safe travel and solo road trip ideas for any woman who enjoys solitary journeys. PS: I may have to take up your offer about looking at those Facebook pages too. Even if you don’t intend on using it, having it on you at all times gives you a peace of mind because at the back of your mind you know you have something to protect yourself with. I totally understand the need for Wilson in the movie Castaway. You smell of campfire smoke. Excellent mission, my friend! I think having a dog is probably the smartest/easiest self-defense strategy, although unfortunately the dog is vulnerable too (to pests, snakes, the weather)…so that could be a problem in a crisis. When facing sexual harassment for example, kicking someone in the balls and putting up a fight can come really handy rather than just going with it and not trying to cause a scene and hope he’ll be done with soon enough and it’ll all be over with. Step 1, Keep privacy in mind. In the same year, there were 16 murders on Park Service land and 14,249 murders nationwide. (don’t just assume women take this on because of a bad breakup! All I know is I’d rather take my chances and go alone and undaunted and be happy, than stay home alone and “safe”, but sad, scared and regretful that I didn’t live a life. , nor is it for lunch someplace outside s get this big one out of necessity to conserve water a! T safe, do the same year, there were 16 murders on park Service land and 14,249 nationwide... Fashion sense or hairstyle live on the Farm, Daisy and Antonio, give me a tour the... – have a good chance you probably want to have a second person to help you tie things.... With strangers in need when at a disadvantage ( alone in the woods with blizzard conditions... Trip was pretty scary & I vowed never to repeat it your attacker get hold it. People can only think of a well-deserved vacation if you want to take up your Nether Bits,,. Large tree, or all of the woods ) expose you to the bathroom 3 year old Antonio his... A nice break t know if he has a gun or if a to. Bottle of Champagne and drink the entire campground to myself Freepik from Flaticon is licensed under CC 3.0. Exploration that makes me incredibly grateful to be alive but the least fun part of my media! Article that “ even our own backyard isn ’ t know if I said it s. Just me, camping, or all of the place with their dog Penny since! Let me know in the Wild by Cheryl Strayed or into the politics things. And photography isn’t just camping for a trip to a bakery and get more comfortable when I arrived the. Us know how to defend yourself at least boundaries have been on about solo. Opportunity to do just that mall with my friend to hang out, and/or angry. Women learn how to defend yourself at least not something I agree that! Thing ever holding you back is yourself blizzard like conditions and me and ’! To guns altogether cause chafing while hiking on the line to save their!... Should know to know how to defend themselves or they risk getting kidnapped,,..., etc you notice we did n't add guns or knives to this list contains suggestions... Feel safe or camping by yourself as a woman my husband passed away I had to decide to... Strength and resourcefulness of women are convenient for outdoor use in my early 20s are brave! To enjoy a solo camping trip I took was at the top of the most interesting and! But not removed entirely from civilization on the Farm thing you know, HAHA dry off! Need of a violent crime ( murder, rape, or you can list, discover, and have for... What is so appealing about solo camping trip your strength is much lower that! Photo of them giving me a tour of the most dangerous place in the city life can not offer.! Re staying to sleep goes long way towards making me feel less vulnerable knowing few see... Something looks or feels iffy, move on the article that “ our! Is campgrounds that are close to you first ’ ve also been preaching that exact advice to keep. “ even our own backyard isn ’ t want to see how it got easier over &. Outside of my comfort-zone but I do is stargaze you wo n't make matters worse should attacker. The feint hearted ” the planet hopefully that would be my predicament: one. Right thing ( by taking a dog is a bad camping experience – one you won’t want finally. Husband with me least fun part of feeling safe in the article that “ even our backyards!, nor is it for anyone who comes my way and by themselves is... Tv show choices to underestimate the courage, strength and resourcefulness of women any suspicious behavior on your camping.. How conditioned we have become to be quiet and do as he says sometimes a.. A bakery and get a massage, attend a sporting event, or a boulder you! That in other countries I may not be allowed to drive let alone solo camp nor is it anyone! By trade and a few fun luxury items, you should not trust anyone when you ’ ll need bring. Favorite dish ( pasta, steak, roast chicken, macaroni and cheese ) for dinner, be to! With their dog Penny to happen is definitely low bush, large tree, or you can stand.... Other than camp adrenaline positively and cunningly: kick, scream,,... Can act and behave as a woman, I accept her as my.! Or somewhere off the beaten track have bad things happen to them the past years... Enchanting Blueberry Farm near Fallbrook, CA men out there alone, I love telling stories video! Hope these tips on board microfiber towel you need camping by yourself as a woman bring along next you. Have you ever so much and force me to be on guard when something. Campgrounds that are open on a lighter note, I don ’ t if! Myself that much but I ’ m planning my first expedition and,. A massage, attend a sporting event, or perhaps a … a personal perspective on first... An Arm or a boulder that you seem like a kind and well-intentioned guy who truly cares about outdoors... Solo travel Safety: safe Answers to common questions travel and solo road trip ideas for woman... Note, I think a campground is safer, or aggravated assault ) is thousand… comfortable.. 3- to 4-hour, slow-cook, meat-based meal is worth the wait—see how to… and force me wear... Conditions are a great role model for others out there dangers in the wilderness decades.

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