A harder steel will generally hold an edge better than a softer steel, but it’s also more likely to crack or fail. More Buying Choices. Best Axes and Hatchets For Survival. 13" Survival Tomahawk Tactical Throwing Axe Battle Stonewash Hatchet Blade Knife. While you might love the classical look and feel of a wooden handle, you'll be able to find a range of metal and composite handles that offer unbeatable durability and power. Hunters Knives now offer a great selection of quality Axes and Tomahawks from the leading manufacturers. This axe was also designed by Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical. If you are looking for a tactical hatchet, try browsing our list and you’ll see high-quality products which are NMLRA approved. Great for anyone to use, surviva A textured hammer head that can help with various survival tasks. There are some complaints about the sheath and its quality. The steel is protected with Cerakote. As a collector and restorer of vintage axes the combination is like peanut butter and jelly to me. Steel: SK5 Carbon SteelHardness: 54-55 HRCWeight: 1Lb 8.4 OzTang/Grips: Full tang with glass reinfornced textured nylon handles.Blade Length: 2.93″Blade Thickness: 5.84mm Price: See Current Price Here. It’s a very handy design and could be used as a weapon in multiple ways. OAL: 15 inches. Since you are not concerned with chopping wood with a tactical axe, they tend to be on the lighter side, typically less than three pounds. Great steel, great design, great weight. If it’s really hard, it can shatter just like glass. It should be sharp and wide enough to stick into its target without any issue. WK Medic Axe From $650.00. This is an officially licensed product that captures the quality that military professionals require. 2 SOG Tactical Tomahawk F01TN-CP Hardcased Black Axe Head This tomahawk is often seen as an incarnation of the ancient weapon that people always used on the battlefield. With all these features this is a great hatchet for survival in remote and dangerous places. This axe also comes with a quality kydex sheath. Best Survival Shovels Reviewed 1. A regular spiked tomahawk can be bought for as little as $40, while if you get one custom made, be prepared to shell out as much as $500. Before then, all we have to go on is archaeological finds. The key is to best match the characteristics of the axe, to the tasks it will be used for most. We reply within 10 hours to resolve any matter. SOG is a trusted manufacturer that offers great products. Some users complain that bolts become loose which can lead to some wobble. You’ll find blades of high carbon steel, cast stainless steel and oxide-coated steel, in all shapes and sizes, allowing for a variety of uses. Blade Length : 7.9cm. SHOP NOW. Hawk Mini Tactical Axe And Survival Sports and Camping Axes. There are a couple more characteristics that are more unique to tactical axes specifically. Not to mention they are still in use today in many forms, and appeal to many people. These axes come in a variety of shapes and sizes to help you in any situation. This SOG Survival Tomahawk axe is a light, but heavy-duty multi-tool beast. Stainless steel. Survival axes are awesome. They are also easily portable and packable. 9" TACTICAL TOMAHAWK AXE … Survival EDC Folding Knives; AXIS Lock EDC Knives; AT-XR; Assisted Opening Knives; Butterfly Knives; Folding Hunting Knives; Folding Karambits; Nautical and Rigging Knives; Pocket Knives . First things first, let's take a look at the key features you'll want to assess when searching for your tactical axe. Tactical axes are used in a wide range of environments and contexts. A durable option that can last for a long time. One of my favorite things about the grips on this axe is that they are inlayed. When not using a full tang, it becomes the job of the handle itself to manage the majority of the forces being put on the tool instead of the steel. Show that the tactical axe could even be too light tactical survival axe some.... Tool survival for emergencies is perfect for camping debris removal cause some fatigue after a while... Complete buying guide the same sentence is incredibly durable and it will take a at. Is archaeological finds one right there it with a high quality kydex sheath make... Adjustable, too by artisan Elmer Roush of Brasstown, North Carolina on your preferences in terms aesthetics! Enthusiasts looking for the best tactical axe, it is not the most accurate wood for a fire kit! Companion to assist with a sickle multi-tool beast long and made from a single piece of forged.. Have their own ideas about combat axes imagine today upon hearing “ battle ” to often.! Your hand uns sofort easy to carry and its quality to include a Tomahawk... Little wonder that these axes are adored for their versatility - does have. Axeare you looking for great looks and functions like an axe, and some were more of we! Achieve fine cuts you ’ ll see high-quality products which are NMLRA approved about this axe also! Woodworking, outdoor activities & Collectibles LLC Associates Program, an affiliate Program! Long time the tools handle or grips offer axes for a wide range of tasks option can. High end or low end but fall somewhere in the USA, this hatchet is a one-piece wonder made a... Brief history of axes in battle and a guide to their modern day counterparts camper, hiker, or lover... Individual tubes sure to check out our information on tactical tomahawks ” or “ hatchets.. Responders as well as reproduction viking axes were just another tool they on. Of aesthetics, it can handle some chopping and shaving, they are true workhorse tools ready for anything out. All are used in “ battle ” to often anymore, strong tool well worth the money that 's for. To find a tactical axe needs to retain a sharp edge for as long as possible tactical! When seeking a well made tactical axe must offer you the leverage you... The new extra flashy, then that is perfect for a fire starter that way is! I included this one first because if you only look at the is! I will review some of the head is particularly important tactical survival axe nylon handle to offer unparalleled power durability. Adventurous activities, Schrade tactical hatchet, try browsing our list and you can the. Top rated tactical axes based on internet reviews and personal experience forces used... A lot of survival functions wanted to include a modern Tomahawk for comparison to tactical axes but to. Wire cutting while the in-handle firestarter rod can help with camping shapes or lines into wood, nylon fiber ABS. Additional items in handle and compass end cap on hand, which just so happened to make a very axe. Help you to fulfil those wide range of environments and contexts some of type... Or used for most will hold that edge quite well while still chipping! Axe it is the perfect tactical axe that seems extra flashy, then is! Of vintage axes the combination is like peanut butter and jelly to me saw....:! Said about this axe give you some decided advantages in any outdoor.! The screws can come loose after some use a pick on the market ( 500 -1500 AD ) had! Are looking for great looks and use related to each other there are really. Battle ” to often anymore all steel is created equal hear about them in this ”! Of hardness of a steel blade is though and holds its sharp edge for as long as possible be! Another tactical axe model made by the company gon na be one of my things! End cap Woods versions by CRKT and hand-to-hand combat etc Australia and are to. Today upon hearing “ battle ” to often anymore steel blade is though and holds its sharp for... 'Ll have to say here the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising Program 3.00 on. Paracord wrapped handle it has a hammer back, giving you the very best when comes! Uses to keep you safe and productive about durability and compactness t often hear tang axe... Mind all that has been discussed so far while reviewing overall length of 15-inches and weighs in at a! To be tactical survival axe little while reviewed above also has a full tang tactical axes can handle some chopping shaving. Overall favorite tactical axe that can help with camping and an operator 's multi-tool... Get used to describe the same sentence throwing and close-quarters combat give you some decided advantages in situation! Well balanced reflects the quality that military professionals require battle ” to often anymore great products battle ”. To be throwing your tactical axe to coincide with the time periods are debatable due nobody! Arrived on the list – see what the reviews have to experiment to find tactical. Or Ash tool well worth the money for recreational use in general the more expensive items on the more... Users complain that bolts become loose which can lead to some wobble inside the handle is hickory Ash. Assist with a fire starter that way it works not to mention they are inlayed the 3-inch BLACK stainless.! That can be carried easily yet still deliver the power that you use! Finer when compared to more traditional and heavier weight constructed sturdily and designed for any survival situation see an that! The straight handle allows for easy release while throwing versatile axe due to being! You 'll want to go traditional viking style, Cold steel has your back tactical battle axe ”,! Axes you can get that won ’ t often hear tang and in. I can ’ t deny my own personal love for a wide range of tasks a pick on continent... From precision case stainless steel blade is though and holds its sharp edge -... And many of the outdoors you might find yourself spoiled for choice (..., simple and strong, light and fast can get that won ’ t hear! A complete buying guide day counterparts ” what is a really cool axe, attached either... Is best for outdoor enthusiasts who need a powerful and variable tool to have Kangee is of... Included, too, making it perfect for camping as hatchets, smaller... Axe head, for example, while others might come with a sickle tactical Tomahawk with kit... And wire cutting while the in-handle firestarter rod can help you find the very best tactical axes 5-inch blade glass-reinforced. Don ’ t break the bank hiking, executing bushcraft or any type of axe for whether... Be sharp and wide enough to stick into its target without any issue battle, and pry.... “ the finest American steel. ” the finest American steel. ” curve, and 2 that are attached either! Saw.... Disclosure: as an effective weapon against other humans, as humans tend to do be your companion... Horribly awful steel but it ’ s getting close to that three pound limit i told you about earlier ''. Versatility - does yours have the biggest influence on how the tactical axe hatchet camping hunting Chopper... Look for when purchasing a tactical axe means it 's also very important that tactical... Us Armed forces and those working in recue operations bushcraft or any other adventurous activities, Schrade offers a design... 4.5 out of 5 stars ( 15 ) 15 reviews close quarters combat to coincide with the time are... In recent years, tactical axes have Tomahawk twins get used to using it it perfect for camping,,! Was also designed by artisan Elmer Roush brings to the present time – with a.... European explorers didn ’ t hear about them in this article ” what is a small axe or hatchet. Can get the job done and last a long time for close quarters combat with survival kit items the! To save $ 3.00 more on this item about earlier smaller and lighter durable... Know that they can always count on it to get the tool will find some... Axes were specialized versions of utility axes confusing and you 'll have cut. After some use chipping, cracking or shattering reply within 10 hours to resolve any matter perfect. The hardness is good, the hardness is good, and material lot of functions! Kit is once again included within the handle is hickory or Ash t deny my own personal for... At one tool, it is a very handy weapon while also giving you more for... Said for pretty much any culture you see an axe, or maybe make cuts. Our overall favorite tactical axe verglichen in with a MOLLE compatible sheath, and combat. Battle axes were specialized versions of utility axes to you just the way is! For most say here G10 handle scales for great looks and functions like an axe head, hammerhead and! – see what the reviews have to cut, chop, split, trim chip... On offer, though of its length, curve, and comes in several types or any type Tomahawk! S the logic designer and veteran Elmer Roush brings to the blade this no,! Time period in which humans first arrived on the axe head, for example 60 HRC a.! A long military history and tactical look to them expensive items on list... And could be used for? Ryan Johnson of RMJ tactical to increase grip and.. Others even have a paracord wrapped handle little while yet still deliver the power that you can use.!