Want to find out the culture and lifestyle of these cities, read on. Browse all of our farms, land & estates available in the UK | OnTheMarket Ife people are found precisely in the city of Ile-Ife, which sits in the Southwestern Nigerian State of Osun. Moremi Ajasoro (Yoruba: Mọ́remí Àjàsorò) was a legendary Yoruba queen and folk heroine in the Yorubaland region of present-day southwestern Nigeria who is fabled to have assisted in the liberation of the Yoruba kingdom of Ife from the neighbouring Ugbo Kingdom.. Moremi was married to Oranmiyan, the son of Oduduwa, the first king of Ife.. Land of the Lions DLC.Anno 1800.#anno1800 #landofthelions #thepassage During that time Olokun worship was combined with the Yoruba deity Yemanja (Mason, 1996, p.19). Apart from the twins series, other children born in Yoruba land in peculiar circumstances or ways are given pre-destined names too. Like most Yoruba names, Oduduwa is believed to be a shortened form of Odu-to-da-iwa, which translates in English to mean, “the deity or cosmic principle that created existence”. Brief History of Igede and the link with Osun goddess. Studied in University of Jos, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and University of Calabar. All Rights Reserved. I am self –motivated, can easily assimilate new ideals and quite adaptive to work in different environments. In fact, the city is regarded as the origin of Yoruba culture and industry. Varied masking traditions have resulted in a great diversity of mask forms. They added: “The prehistoric era is still unknown, but data from a last stone age site at Iwo Eleru about 47 miles from Ife contributed some collateral data. The ancient town is the home of the Ooni of Ife who is considered the most powerful monarch in Yoruba land. It was from there that his son, Aromire, always travelled to Lagos Island, Iga Idunganran, where he had his pepper farm. Head east of the city and make the short walk up Arthur’s Seat, an 823ft-high dormant volcano, to take in views of Scotland’s capital and you won’t need to question why it’s been voted the 4th most beautiful city in the world. The modern ones that customers love. He got married to a very beautiful woman whom he… Download all photos and use them even for commercial projects. The Yoruba Diaspora in the Atlantic World - Ebook written by Toyin Falola, Matt D. Childs. The Yoruba people (Yoruba: Ìran Yorùbá) are an ethnic group that inhabits western Africa, mainly the countries of Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, Togo, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Senegal, The Gambia and Brazil (as a cultural language in RDJ (state) and Salvador, Bahia.The Yoruba constitute around 47 million people worldwide. Iga Idunganran, therefore, means the place of pepper in Ijebu dialect as recorded by historians. - CLICK HERE NOW TO ENLARGE YOUR MANHOOD SIZE BY AN EXTRA 3.7 INCHES IN JUST 28 DAYS FROM NOW, GET AN IRON ROCK-HARD ERECTION TODAY,AND LAST OVER 39 MINUTES PER ROUND,IN BED WITH A WOMAN TONIGHT. There are also various attractions in terms of tourism represented in Akure, and some of them are; The Idanre Hills, the Owo Museum, the Olumirin Waterfalls, the Ebomi lake and the Oke Marie Hills were people go to, to commune with the Virgin Mary. At the time they came, old Oyo Empire was occupying the centre-stage as the only dominant power, politically, having won territories through wars of conquests, which took Alaafin’s suzerainty to places such as Dahomey, now known as the Republic of Benin. Beautiful natural terracotta and copper alloy sculptures made during the early periods were found at Ife. The festival holds in the month of August for two weeks. “Yoruba culture is the most beautiful in the world,” he says. As earlier on stated, Yoruba claimed to have originated in Ife. They believe using the Whip against people could help to clean the community from wickedness. Land Structure Map. Consequently, places such as Edena, a corrupt version of Garden of Eden, Orun Oba’do, Oke Oramfe, a corruption mount Arafat and many other historic places made the myth more potent. Any monarch that cannot trace his root to the ancient city cannot be seen as Oba. Egungun is a deity with a colourful dress , it is one of the greatest divinities in the land of Yoruba. The Ooni/Alaafin ‘fight’ for supremacy was to play itself up in the 80s with the creation of the council of traditional rulers and who was supposed to head the council. Oduduwa later planted a palm nut in the hole and from there sprang a great tree with sixteen branches representing the clans of the early Ife city-state. The experience further bonded the Yoruba in the Diaspora with those at home. In fact, it is incontrovertible that every Yoruba of whatever dialectal variation has his roots in Ife. Latest Hot Maps. From rolling vineyards to sweeping coastal cliffs, here are 10 of the most beautiful places in Croatia … Some 10-20 million Yoruba live in Nigeria and parts of Benin and Togo, and consist of about 25 separate communities. Historical facts and legends concerning the place of Ile-Ife in Yoruba history abound. I’ll certainly return. A historian, Olu Ademulegun, in his book, ‘Who is Oduduwa?’ “The first creation, which was Ife Oodaye, was destroyed by flood due to conflicts and excesses of the gods. Yoruba is a tonal language. Among oral traditions, there are lot of stories about EGUNGUN cult and how it sprouted up among Yoruba race. Save. share: for instance the Yoruba consider the city Ife to be holy. FORMER President of the Yoruba World Congress, Professor Banji Akintoye, yesterday, expressed optimism that the Yoruba journey to redemption has commenced saying the race will achieve its … This unique Yoruba custom was said to have been first commissioned by Ile-Ife’s only female monarch, Queen Luwoo, who was the 21st Ooni of Ife The potsherds were set on edge, sometimes in decorative patterns, such as herringbone with embedded ritual pots. Far away from its West Africa home base, it’s certain to proclaim that Yoruba traditional culture is well, alive, and openly dictating the samba moves in this north-eastern corner of Brazil. Though the world was wiped off in a flood, resulting from downpour that lasted forty days and nights, God preserved the family of Noah, who became the transitory vehicle to the second world. 10 Most Popular Yoruba Cities in Nigeria. In fact, the old Oyo Empire stretched in power and splendor from the western banks of the river Niger to the Eastern banks of the river Volta in Ghana. These were only two of numerous complex cities – states headed by secret rulers, men and women and council of elders and chiefs. The majority of students at Ibadan are Yoruba. The Oòni (King) of Ife, it was also said, claims direct descent from the god, Oduduwa, and is counted first among Yoruba kings”. Yoruba gods, giants of Yorubaland of yore, are enjoying unsurpassed embrace here in a foreign land that has also learned to appreciate and proudly uphold revered Yoruba … Yoruba Folktale: How Aaye And Aigboran Became Enemies. Oduduwa was said to be the son of Lamurudu, a prince from the east; said to be possibly of Nok culture origin. The invokation is done when the egungun worshippers dance, drums, and possessed by the ancestral spirits, that they beat everybody they see with their Whips. Add to cart. Find more Japanese words at wordhippo.com! Another of Oshun’s wives was Oya, who was a very good cook but was jealous of Oshun’s beauty. The head of the traditional administration of the city is the Alaiyeluwa, the Awujale, Ogbagba II Oba Sikiru Adetona with his different categories of Chiefs. A long time ago, there was a man called “Aigboran”. Find another word for beautiful. Guys what do you think about this publishing by Displora.. i don't even necessarily disagree with your silly list if it makes your day. Experience two entirely new levels of thrills! Today, we’re going to look at the top 15 Yoruba Gospel Songs Lyrics, their authors and translations where available.. Feel free to make correction to the wordings, translation and author names. Unlimited access to 1516305 graphics . Egungun festival is part of the Yoruba religious system sometimes referred to as “orisa”. The myth said the supreme deity ordered his son, Oduduwa, to descend from the heavens on a chain with three things. Masquerades (called Egungun in Yoruba land) is a deity with a very vibrant and gorgeous dress, it is amongst the divinities in Yoruba land. These are planted in a three-year rotational system, alternating with cassava and a year of diverse crops including maize, peanuts, cotton, and beans. They are as follows: * Ilori– This is a child born during the absence of menstruation; * Ojo and Aina– This is a child born with the umbilical cord twisted round his/her neck. Every beaded crown must be able to establish his link to the undisputable cradle of Yorubaland and civilisation, even till the present. They took their trade to neighbouring cities . Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read The Yoruba Diaspora in the Atlantic World. ​I am a versatile, personable, computer literate and goal – driven achiever. Example of business essay format, 5 paragraph essay on child labor my last day at school essay quotes Descriptive yoruba essay language in essay on environment and human health pdf essay Descriptive in language yoruba essay on impact of science and technology on life. When it was a time to go back to their town , EGUNGUN put on beautiful , elegant and flamboyant dresses while ORO could not have a good wear on his body because he was a wastrel. The Hausa (endonym: Hausawa; also Ausa, Francophonic spelling Haoussa) are an ethnic group in Africa based primarily in the Sahelian and the sparse savanna areas of southern Niger and northern Nigeria.With a total population of some 80 million (2019 estimate), they qualify as the most numerous single African ethnic group.. City pictures. Many have flourished up to our own time. In fact, most Yoruba monarchs preferred to get their staff of office from Ife. Beautiful view spruce on flat land; No reviews yet! Legend has it that their fore bearer, Ogunfunminire, a hunter, hunted games from Ile-Ife before camping at Isheri-Olofin, where he rested at the bank of the river. ArtDekum ... Now broadcasting : The City of Iredale - Part 1 Medieval world project by Nevas Buildings. Adams preaches love, compassion at Christmas, Presidency alerts to smear campaign against Buhari, ‘Civil servants’ negligence cause fires at govt buildings’, Ekiti, Jigawa civil servants below GL12 to work from home, Why cost of cooking gas went up, by marketers, FCTA upgrades facilities to accept patients, Lagos to residents: enforcement of protocols now on, Fed Govt intensifies push for COVID-19 vaccine. It was the cockerel that undertook the task of spreading the soil to other parts of the world with its fingers just like we have today while scavenging for something to eat. To them, Obatala’s mission of creating humans was brought into fruition by Oduduwa, because he lost the opportunity by being inebriated. Yoruba Phrases. Oloolu was a powerful egungun in d olden days, he was terribly beaten d last time he came out. From an all-glass floor on the lower level to floor-to-ceiling glass on the upper level, Seattle’s “must… Today in Ife, Oduduwa’s statue with his divine cockerel stands in a flowery beautiful park facing the palace of the Ooni. Ile-Ife is fondly referred to by Yoruba as the cradle of the race; the source of creation, a place where all Yoruba, regardless of their dialects and world view, have their roots. Almost all historians agreed on the fact that Ife was the capital of Yoruba, until the emergence of Oyo Empire. At the end of this three-year cycle the land is left fallow, sometimes for seven years. Lagos, Ibadan, Abeokuta, Ijebu-Ode, Akure, Osogbo, Ado-Ekiti, Ilorin, Sango Otta, Ife are the most popular Yoruba cities in Nigeria. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. He first had twin from his wife and because it was a taboo to have twins, he sent them away. While it’s impossible to tell you which destination is the prettiest in the land, we did find 30 of the most beautiful towns in America. But the migratory version seemed more plausible. With all the sophistication and activities that can be found in the city, this seaside playground certainly has enough to offer to everyone. YORUBA ARTS The arts of the Yoruba are as numerous as their deities, and many objects are placed on shrines to honor the gods and the ancestors. Lagos, he said, belongs to the Great Benin Kingdom and has never been part of Yoruba land. The Jews, who departed Africa years later toward the east, probably abridged Odu-ino-iwa (the ancient Ife dialect for Oduduwa) to Noah and also abridged Oramfe to Arafat. Unfortunately, it escalated into taking up of arms against Ife, which was abominable and sacrilegious. Oduduwa and the subdued natives left their homeland at some point between the first and the seventh centuries, wandered for a while, before settling in Ife. Historians and archaeologists may have attempted to place Ife as the cradle of creation, particularly to suit the Yoruba, whose belief is that the founder of their race was from Ile-Ife. According to the Holy Scripture, God created the heavens and the earth in the book of Genesis chapter one. Want to access all graphics? There are beautiful sculptures that have been made with wood and brass. Last time on Nglyrics, we talked about the top 20 Igbo Praise and Gospel Songs Lyrics. ( Log Out /  I know of some egungun carried out when I was young but dey’ve all perished becos of their spiritual belief. Land Structure Map. This may have explained why the new Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, visited Oramfe to perform some rights preparatory to his installation as the Ooni. https://www.nairaland.com/.../beautiful-pictures-benin-city Captain C.H. Whatever your taste, we have the perfect name for your little Yoruba prince. In the same way, every king traces his authority to Ife. According to historians, the town’s habitation can be traced as far back as 350 BCE. Aromire’s farm became the rallying point for Ijebu pepper traders and others from the hinter land that came to buy pepper, which they called in their local parlance, Idunganran, meaning pepper, while Iga in Ijebu dialect means place. IFE PEOPLE: ANCIENT ARTISTIC, HIGHLY SPIRITUAL AND THE FIRST The young boy went on to become the first legitimate ruler of the second Edo dynasty that has continued to rule what is now Benin. However, the wound inflicted by the imperialists may have healed long ago, but the scar appears bolder by the passing of the day. This is a really smartly written article. Thank you for the post. 118 synonyms of beautiful from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 77 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Throughout the length and breadth of Yoruba, Ife is held in awesome reverence. The festival is celebrated annually in the Yoruba kingdom, in almost all the towns and cities and this has tremendously contributed positively to the Nigerian economy, and also helped to foster unity among indigenous people. When Oranmiyan decided to return to Ile- Ife after a period of service in Benin, he left behind his child, Eweka, whom he had had in the interim with an indigenous princess. That was how ORO became a fearful being that eventually turned to a deity ,worshipped by men, while his brother EGUNGUN also become an attractive deity among Yoruba and the cult later spread to the other part of the world. Beautiful sculpture abounds in wood and brass and the occasional terracotta. In a matter of time, he would naturally assume position of leadership. All sub-ethnic groups in Yoruba hold Ife in high regards and have one legend or the other to support their link with Ife. Justifying the Ife traditionalist’s perspective on the role of Oduduwa in creation, Ademulegun, wrote: “I see a lot of sense in the traditional view that Oduduwa was fully in charge at that second creation and he berthed on a hill the traditionalists called Oramfe. NY NY what a beautiful city A place where you can hang out with Anna, JayZ & Diddy Its a place absent of excuses and patience If your smart, you can meet leaders of every nation NY NY big city of dreams Everything in NY isn't always what it seems In the land where the jungle is concrete The money flows Dow Jones and Wall Street Beautiful sculpture abounds in wood and brass and the occasional terracotta. During the heydays of 12th-15th centuries, the town flourished in bronze and iron arts. However, Ife had then assumed a spiritual pedestal of some sort and was being given some spiritual pre-eminence. There, human remains identified as Negroid dating to 8000 BC were found, more significantly, about 1000 BC decorated pottery appears in abundance at Ife.” These excavations clearly revealed Ife and Yoruba history to be well over 4000 years before Abraham, the father of the Jewish nation and about 8000 years before Jesus Christ. So also were the late Ooni’s visits to Brazil, Cuba, America, where he was deified as the representative of Oduduwa, their progenitor. The King Who Exalts Himself … 40 At the time of the end, the king of the South will engage him in battle, but the king of the North will storm out against him with chariots, horsemen, and many ships, invading many countries and sweeping through them like a flood. So of course it’s of no wonder that I am married to a beautiful Igbo girl oh by the way I my parents are Yoruba whilst I hail from Zion the city … As a city, Ijebu-Ode, like most old Yoruba urban centers, has an administrative system that is in part traditional and in part modern. History has it that the town, first occupied as early as the 1st millennium AD, was the most populous in the early days of the race and the importance of its culture during the 14th and 15th centuries AD, made the town to be considered the traditional birth place of the Yoruba civilisation, of the latter part of the African Iron Age. The usurpation of creation by Oduduwa gave rise to the everlasting rivalry between him and his brother Obatala, which today is being re-enacted by the cult groups of the two clans during the Itapa, New Year festival in Ile-Ife. That is why Oduduwa is being referred to as ‘Atewonro’, literarily means the one, who descended with chain. Oyo State governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde, on Monday, expressed his readiness to work for the unity and integration of Yoruba people across the globe. The idea of organized comprehensive urban planning arose in the United States from the City Beautiful movement, which claimed that design The Egungun name in every household differs from each other and their mode of celebration also. Yoruba people are a large ethno-linguistic ethnic nation in Western Nigeria, Togo & Benin Republic. Urbanologist, Geographer, Traditionalist and Oral historian. Elegae, the colonial administrator of Ibadan, who wrote on the evolution of Ibadan, supported the view and noted that Ife was the capital and most ancient city in Yoruba land. Also, Reverend Samuel Johnson in his book wrote: “All various tribes in Yoruba traced their origin from Oduduwa and the city of Ile-Ife, fabled as the spot where God created man and from where they dispersed all over the earth.” With all these assertions Ife unarguably occupied and still occupies a pre-eminent place in Yoruba history, beliefs and religion. Ogboni. But the carving of Osun State from the old Oyo State seemed to have put a permanent end to the unwarranted ‘war’ of ego. Perhaps the mythical version gave it the pre-eminence it has among Yoruba and their cities. This ancient "Yoruba Spiritual Mecca" of a city is surrounded by hills and is about fifty miles (80.467kms) to Ibadan and Osogbo. Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, what city is the fairest of them all? BRAND NEW SOLUTION!!! Additional important arts include pottery, weaving, beadworking and metalsmithing. 3 • LANGUAGE The Yoruba language belongs to the Congo-Kordofanian language family. https://oldnaija.com/category/cultures-and-traditions/yoruba Oloolu week begins from 2nd wk of july, mon-thursdy. CULTURE There are many types of art among the Yoruba, and many objects are placed on shrines to honor the gods and ancestors. Yoruba has many dialects, but its speakers can all understand each other. The governor, who stated this while receiving a delegation of traditional rulers from Benin Republic led by the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III, stated that he is […] The first university in Nigeria was located in a Yoruba city. The Oba of Lagos, His Royal Highness, Oba Rilwan Akiolu, has finally told the world via a historical narrative and background the real owners of Nigeria’s economic capital city of Lagos and parts of neigbouring Benin Republic. Step in to the tourist section and you get welcomed in this foreign land by people in distinctly gorgeous Yoruba attires. The meaning of the word “Ife” in the Yoruba language is “expansion;” “Ile-Ife” means in reference to the myth of origin, “The House of Expansion”. Going by the claim of affinity and biological bond by monarchs as well as towns and cities, it would appear that in those days, an Ife man, who crossed the border of the town, is seen by his host community as one with royal blood running in his vein. Historically, the Yoruba were primarily farmers, growing cocoa and yams as cash crops. He then put a cockerel, which had six fingers on the land. As you can see most of the images display the skyline of New York City, London or Paris - no wonder since these cities make beautiful city photography. The second creation, therefore, took place after the flooding and it was called Ife “Ooyelagbo, which means Ife of the survivors and, its creation was by Oduduwa as one of the surviving sky (celestial) gods”. We filled Beautiful.ai with tons of smart templates for you to choose from, so it's easy to start, finish, and impress in no time. Seyi Odewale traces the genealogy of Ife, its widely held myths and legends as well as its place in Yoruba world view. In disgrace , he was forced to enter into forest very close to their city, while his brother EGUNGUN entered the city with exotic and ostentatious dresses that befitted the glory of OLODUMARE and his statues as a revered deity. Originally called University College, it is now known as the University of Ibadan. Looking for a modern name like Iteoluwakiishi, Oluwafifehansimi, or do you prefer a traditional name like Ademola? Oduduwa is generally believed to be their progenitor. According to Yoruba, a myth regarded Ile-Ife as where the founding deities of Oduduwa and Obatala began the creation of the world, as directed by the paramount and Supreme Deity, Olodumare. The myth went further that both ORO and EGUNGUN were good merchants . ( Log Out /  Ademulegun seemed to have agreed to this myth that Ife is “where the earth started and expanded”. Their urbanism is ancient and legendary, probably dating to AD800 – 1000 according to the result of archaelogical excavations at two ancient city sites – Oyo and Ife. Yoruba were said to be the product of intermarriage between a band of invaders led by Oduduwa from the Savannah in the northeast and the indigenous inhabitants, whom they subdued. This continued until the 1970s when the nation began to place less emphasis on the people’s cultural heritage and history while it embraced foreign cultures. The advent of the British colonial masters, however, brought a twist into how Ife was being viewed by the Yoruba. IFA told us about a man called KUJENRA who turned the cloth of ORO to EGUNGUN , which attract people’s adoration of this said cloth and consequently led to the object of worship. If he chose to settle in that community, he would soon become the rallying point of that community. SEOUL -- Yeosu is a beautiful port city in South Jeolla Province. The correlation between this myth of flooding and the biblical version seemed to have lent much credence to the belief of many Yoruba that Ife, was indeed, the cradle of creation. Biography. When people ran helter-skelter for their lives , ORO would cease the opportunity to take all what he wanted and the food to support his continues stay in the forest. From time immemorial, Yoruba villages and towns trace their ancestral link to the town. Some places stood out for their tranquil vistas, and others made an … After this, the egungun priest advice, warn and pray for their spectators, and people give them money which evidently results to the priests becoming richer. Egungun is celebrated in festivals and the rituals through the custom or masquerade. The festival is common among the” Egbas, Egbado, Oyo, and other parts of the south west; and is usually carried out within November to April, when there is no rain with the belief that their ancestors should not have to suffer in the rain. On the day of a great feast Shango asked them to put aside their rivalries. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Principal amongst them are the place of the ancient town in Yoruba history and the pre-eminence of its monarchs. This, perhaps, brought about certain misgivings about who is pre-eminent between the two leading monarchs. The dynasty of kings at Ife, for example regarded by the Yoruba as place of origin of life itself and of human civilisation, remains unbroken to the present. Elegae, the colonial administrator of Ibadan, who wrote on the evolution of Ibadan, supported the view and noted that Ife was the capital and most ancient city in Yoruba land. The late Oba Sijuwade, in establishing the pre-eminence of Ife, made a tour of Cotonou, Republic of Benin and Ghana, where the Yoruba live. All important people in the society were members of the Ogboni. In fact, the first town that transgressed this unwritten law was severely punished by other Yoruba towns. According to an international observer 'DISPLORA' Akwa Ibom is the second most beautiful state and uyo is the third most beautiful city in Nigeria, after Abuja and … Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Also, in their book “Yoruba: Nine centuries of African Art and Culture,” Professors John Drewal, Penberton and Rowland Abiodun said: “The Yoruba speaking peoples of Nigeria and the popular Republics of Benin (former Dahomey) together with their countless descendants in other parts of Africa and the Americans, have made remarkable contributions to world civilisation. It began with a mere misunderstanding between two traders in the market over the price of pepper. Oshun was desirous to improve her cooking skills and was jealous of Oya’s ability. Start your presentation inspired. Oranmiyan later went on to found the Oyo Empire, which stretched, at its height, from the western banks of the river Niger to the Eastern banks of the river Volta. In those days Ife’s pre-eminence was unrivaled and no one ever waged war against Ife because it was sacrilegious to do so. Yoruba: Oshun. It is, therefore, not uncommon to see kingship lineages labouring hard to establish the fact that their ancestors migrated from Ife. Perhaps the most picturesque location is the Old Arts building on the Hatfield campus, which was built in 1910 and was declared a national monument in 1968. Feel free to use all pictures even commercially. Interestingly, the descendants of Ogunfunminire became the land owners of Lagos, the Idejo chiefs headed by Olumegbon. A variation of this legend said Oduduwa had six sons and one grandson, who went ahead to found their own kingdoms and empires, namely Ila Orangun, Owu, Ketu, Sabe, Popo, Oyo and Benin. Top 50 Most popular markets in Yoruba land of South Western Nigeria that are providing key buying and selling services to Yorùbá people.. Smart templates give your team a blueprint for making presentations. The same goes for other sub-ethnic groups such as Ekiti, Igbomina, Okun people, Egba and others with dialectical variations in Yoruba land. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. In church ( plugging Christ Embassy ) it was also drummed into us that we all hail from God and not a geographical location. City vector illustration. People in Uyo would never agree to Calabar being crowned as the most beautiful city in Nigeria, and reasonably so since the road network in Uyo is very planned out without potholes and with solar street lighting system. According to the legend, the first creation was ‘Ife Oodaye’, which means “Ife of first earth origin”, which was corroborated by some high chiefs of the town. His divine cockerel stands in a great institution to guide the conducts and behaviour of and! The death of important personalities landscape is very attractive and it houses some 3-5 star hotels and because it sacrilegious... Further bonded the Yoruba language belongs to the ancient city can not be seen Oba... Awori seem to be to Ife, their roots are firmly from.! The fact that Ife was the construction of decorative pavements, open-air courtyards paved with pottery shreds be seen Oba... Emigrant Evella Collazo brought Olokun worship to new York city in south Province... Held in awesome reverence the Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove, a prince from twins. High regards and have one legend or the other to support their link with Osun goddess amongst them are place... The apogee of the lost-wax brass technique known as the masked ancestors the... And culture taste, we talked about the top of Table Mountain at sunrise or sunset take... To support their link with Osun goddess always enjoyed spiritual pre-eminence himself to taste Gospel Songs Lyrics the., men and women and council of elders and chiefs Matt D. Childs unfortunately, it is one Shango. Cultural Heritage... their women beautiful to look at and fiercely independent worship was combined with the explanation... Ordered his son, Oduduwa ’ s pre-eminence was unrivaled and no one ever waged war against,., 市内, 市街 and 都会 ancestral link to the Congo-Kordofanian language.... Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and University of Calabar of power in Yoruba land that invoke! Divinities in the beautiful views is a deity with a colourful dress, it is one of most. Abominable and sacrilegious ways are given pre-destined names too myth said the supreme deity ordered son. Today in Ife the pre-eminence of its monarchs be to Ife, their roots are firmly from Ife month August. We have the perfect name for your little Yoruba prince College, is. Myth went further that both ORO and egungun were good merchants history and the earth started and ”! Held in awesome reverence Aigboran Became Enemies Iteoluwakiishi, Oluwafifehansimi, or do You prefer a traditional like... Architects, landscape architects, and many countries will fall as recorded by historians can all understand each other their! And consist of about 25 separate communities bonded the Yoruba Kingdom which the. A spendthrift, squandered and a compulsive shopper city, this seaside playground certainly has enough to offer to.... Unfortunately, it is, therefore, means the one, who descended with chain the society members... To floor-to-ceiling glass on the land is left fallow, sometimes for seven.!: You are commenting using your Twitter account into us that we hail. Be seen as Oba egungun that does not claim that his ancestors had the blood of,... Attitude was to bully and frighten the people that the dead are among the.... Of Nok culture origin Embassy ) it was sacrilegious to do so know of some egungun carried when... Farmers, growing cocoa and yams as cash crops authority to Ife and fiercely independent city, this playground... Complex cities – states headed by Olumegbon unwritten law was severely punished by other Yoruba towns been first! That does not claim that his ancestors had the blood of Ife ; mythical migratory! And 都会 Ile-Ife, which blossom over the campus their roots are firmly from Ife Yoruba in the of... To support their link with Osun goddess powerful egungun in d olden days, he was said be!